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7 Tips for a Successful Fundraising Campaign all Year Long

7 Tips for a Successful Fundraising Campaign all Year Long


As we emerge bleary eyed and groggy from the mad dash of the holidays, we are confronted with the start of a new year. Hopefully you’ve been reading our advice throughout 2018 and had a fool-proof fundraising plan for the year. But whether you hit your fundraising goals last year and are looking to up the ante for 2019 or you need some professional help on growing and energizing your donor base, Brewer Direct has you covered! Here are 7 of our best tips for an even more profitable 2019:

 1. Solidify your organization’s key messaging

In case you didn’t read our November issue of Direct Edge: WHAT’S YOUR “WHY”?, your organization’s vision statement is often the first thing someone looks for when they meet you for the first time. So… how are you coming off to your staff, volunteers and donors? Learn more about how to perfect your organization’s key messaging here.


2. Grow your planned giving program

A giving option that allows donors to leave a lasting legacy while providing your nonprofit with a reliable revenue source for years to come? Sounds like a win-win-win to us! The only question now is how to attract Planned Giving donors. Check out our guide to grow your planned giving strategy.

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3. Help your volunteers journey through the Cycle of Giving

Wanna know how you can help your volunteers move from concerned citizen to active participant to passionate supporter? Move them around the Cycle of Giving! People who volunteer are twice as likely to donate compared to those who don’t. To learn how to help your volunteers develop into donors, read our strategy here.

Help your volunteers through the Cycle of Giving.

Multiple possibilities open up when you help your volunteers move through the Cycle of Giving.


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4. Invest more into Recurring Donations

In 2004, we learned that monthly donors usually give more in one year than those who give sporadically – around 42% more. Why does this matter? Being able to anticipate funding gives your organization the freedom to strategize projects and additional campaigns AHEAD OF TIME. For tips on getting donors to give monthly, read our how-to guide.


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5. Put together a winning Matching Challenge Campaign

Matching dollars add up fast! Are you doing everything possible to maximize all those dollars? If not, we have an easy 3-step checklist. According to our research, offering a Matching Challenge provides potential donors with the perfect motivation to give – not only do more people respond, they also give more on average! Read our checklist to jumpstart your Matching Challenge Campaign strategy today.


Brewer Direct shares their top 7 tips for a successful fundraising campaign.

In 2016, we compared a test Matching Challenge campaign alongside a 2018 control campaign. The Marching Challenge resulted in more response and a higher average gift overall – a $1.42 net revenue increase per piece!


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6. Optimize your social media

How great would it be to have your organization’s core mission spread organically online? Having an active and lively social media presence can get you one step closer to that goal! Whether it’s scheduling your posts on Facebook or learning how to make a quality Instagram post (and yes that really matters!), check out all our tips by reading our article here.


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Teenagers are always on their phone… but what if they were putting those phones to work for your cause? Teen volunteers are the second largest group of volunteers behind 35-54 year olds. Learn how to get them tweeting, liking and hearting for your organization by reading our 3-step guide here.



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