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“I had no idea that… a Welcome Series is a must!”

This tip yields immediate connections with new online subscribers/donors.

“I had no idea that… a Welcome Series is a must!”


You’ve just gotten a new email address. Whether it’s from a new donor or someone who’s subscribed to receive email updates, congrats! But now that you have them, do you immediately ask them for a/another donation?

Tip of the month: Create a set of Welcome Series emails. It’s easy to set up these emails to deploy automatically whenever a new email is added to your database. That way, the first email your newbies receive isn’t a hard ask for a donation that sends them scrambling for the unsubscribe button – but an introduction to your organization over a set of 3-5 emails and 2-3 weeks.

Select nonprofits have reported their Welcomes Series had open rates in the 30%+ range, and click-through rates in the high teens. What a great way to introduce new faces to your organization’s work!

To download a checklist about setting up your own Welcome Series, click here.

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