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“I had no idea… how many people find us on social media!”

This tip yields deeper, richer connections with your online subscribers/donors.

“I had no idea… how many people find us on social media!”


Many nonprofits have a conflicted relationship with social media. They love the immediacy of posting urgent needs and inspiring stories. They love being able to see their supporters’ responses and encouragement. But they don’t love that “likes” don’t necessarily translate into “donate now.” It’s frustrated more than one development department we’ve talked to!

Tip of the month: Don’t give up on social media, even if it’s not a donation goldmine!

It will come as no surprise that most nonprofits list Facebook as their primary social network. But get this: According to, 65% of people who support nonprofits online (donating, signing petitions, etc.) first heard about the causes that they support through a family member or friend on social media.

Here’s where it gets really surprising… social media is even the top answer for donors who support causes offline (direct mail, volunteering, etc.)! 48% of these offline supporters learned about the causes they support through family and friends on social media.

Don’t give up on social media. Even if it’s not turning likes into dollars as regularly as you’d like, keep posting and engaging your supporters. You’re helping people new to your nonprofit get to know you better and start to engage with your cause. You’re also keeping your long-time supporters up to date with inspiring stories and updated needs that they’ll want to discuss and possibly even share with potential new supporters. It’s a form of acquisition that doesn’t cost a thing!

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