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“Our partnership has impacted all areas of our fundraising…”

Our clients on "Why Brewer Direct?"

“Our partnership has impacted all areas of our fundraising…”

This month: Buffalo City Mission (Buffalo, NY)

Aubrey Calhoun, Associate Executive Director, writes:

It’s with pleasure and excitement that I reflect on the positive results of our partnership with BDI, which has impacted all areas of our fundraising efforts.

  • Your team has worked with us to develop a comprehensive strategy for maximizing our digital outreach. Income from our digital channel has grown significantly – 14% year over year.
  • You have responded with flexibility and new ideas to help us meet our goals for growing our donor file and donated income. Our annual direct mail acquisition program generated 44% more responses and increased revenue by 35% year over year.
  • Your team also provides ongoing guidance in setting detailed annual cash-flow projections. Without your patience and partnership, we would not be able to successfully plan for our fiscal year.

These are just a few of the many reasons we are so appreciative of those in your organization who are always ready to assist us in creating a solid financial foundation for our ministry.

Aubrey Calhoun has worked at Buffalo City Mission for 13 years and served as the Associate Executive Director since 2015. She feels truly blessed to have spent the past 13 years helping serve the poor and homeless within Buffalo, NY, utilizing the gifts the Lord has given her to make an impact. “The Mission is the ‘Beacon of Light’ within our city, a place for many to call home, a place that truly provides hope and transformation through the power and Gospel of Jesus Christ,” she says. “I’m honored to be a servant of the Lord and serve the poor.”


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