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Up, up & away with BrewerBoost

Up, up & away with BrewerBoost



MILLIONS. That’s how many pieces of direct mail Brewer Direct sends out every year to help our clients raise funds for their programs.

With that much in the mail, organizations couldn’t need anything else… right?


As Executive VP Client Strategic Development Shellie Speer says, “Direct mail cannot be the only tool for meeting an organization’s financial goals.”

That’s why Shellie has created BrewerBoost, our newest offering to clients that enriches already robust mailing programs.

“Through this integrated approach, BDI can help an organization incorporate a cohesive strategy that includes direct mail and newsletters,” Shellie says. “It also includes community relations, media, event planning, major donor programs, monthly pledge and recognition programs, planned giving, grants, volunteer and staff training and assistance with development departments, as well as corporate, church and school involvement.”

Shellie calls these BrewerBoost offerings “wrap-around tools” that tie organizations more closely to their communities and donors, resulting in stronger development programs… and other benefits that go far beyond financial advantages.



Local congregations and youth groups can become some of your most dedicated partners and donors…


Together, we’ll help you formulate three key messages that are clear, concise and consistent…


Special events can be the catalyst for major-gift fundraising…


As your volunteers participate and engage, they take ownership in your vision…




“Offering wrap-around tools such as BrewerBoost allows for an organization to have a more effective development program, enabling them to better reach their financial, material, volunteer and prayer support goals.” - Shellie Speer | Executive VP Client Strategic Development


What tools have given your development a boost? Tell us more @brewerdirect!


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