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“Their direct marketing has been a tremendous blessing!”

Our clients on “Why Brewer Direct?”

“Their direct marketing has been a tremendous blessing!”

This month: Union Rescue Mission (Wichita, KS)

Vici Myers, Director of Donor Engagement & Volunteerism, writes:

We enjoy the services of Brewer Direct and have for 6 years. Their direct marketing has been a tremendous blessing in a multitude of ways!

  1. They demonstrate a great belief in Christ and a commitment to serve Him. They’re committed in assisting Rescue Missions to accomplish that as well.
  2. They’ve developed a very significant additional income stream for us.
  3. They provide consultation services in all of our development endeavours and their strategic direction ensures continuity in all aspects of marketing. That helps us represent our Mission well at every level, to all stakeholders, and at all types of events!
  4. They provide key metrics on a timely basis. That helps us effectively measure marketing ROI, equipping us to make well informed decisions for development.
  5. They continue to provide excellent, prompt support to new and seasoned staff here at the Mission. Their staff is available via phone and conference call – and even onsite assistance right here in the Midwest.
  6. They’ve provided us a “Toolbox” that includes a huge library of development aids, audio, video and transcripts of testimonies and hundreds of pictures from their onsite resource visits through the years. It’s an extremely valuable tool for us!
  7. They’re developing a new website for us following a wonderful website they created for another Mission client. They’re also assisting us as we enhance our digital and social presence.

Along with others on my team, I highly recommend Brewer Direct!


Vici Myers has worked in business development and ministry for a good part of her professional career and now serves on the development team at Union Rescue Mission. She’s passionate about Rescue Mission work and communicating that message effectively to inspire others to join God at work in this life changing ministry.

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