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Travel to Africa with love

Travel to Africa with love


If you want to travel with Randy Brewer (President/CEO of Brewer Direct), then you better have a lot of energy!


From the moment he landed in Entebbe, Uganda, he set off on a whirlwind two weeks in Africa – a week visiting Uganda and then, a week in Kenya.

Check out the slideshow below and see where in the world Randy’s been lately – and how he put his love and passion for helping others into action each day on his trip!

I met Alvin, a Ugandan boy that our Brewer office supports through World Harvest Africa. He takes a better picture than I do for sure. Oh, to be 10 years old again! Despite what we might call a disadvantaged life, he is as happy as any 10-year-old. Shy and playful. Loves God. Speaks English very well. Village neighbor friends of Alvin in Kamuli, Uganda. As I was leaving my visit with Alvin’s family, they gave me a parting gift...a rooster! Now I’ve never tried, but I don't think the airline would appreciate me bringing a rooster on board and I don’t really know how to make Rooster Stew, though it couldn't be too hard... I visited Allan Ahabwe (far right) and his brother, mom and sisters. I support Allan’s studies at Uganda’s Nkamba University (where he’s in his second year) through World Harvest Africa. Allan loves God, has a small DVD library business and goes to school full time. I got to see Pastor Joseph Ndjoli who heads up World Harvest Africa, the organization through which our Brewer office supports 10-year-old Alvin... and through which I support Allan (the Nkamba University student) as well. While in Uganda, I met with the young gospel singing group Anointed Crushers, listened to their new songs and discussed an upcoming Sunday church service we will share together. I met with the Team Leader and staff of African Enterprise Uganda and had the privilege of encouraging and praying for them before leaving. Pizza Hut has made it to Uganda! This is Anointed Crushers, the young gospel singing group that sang at the Sunday church service I attended in Uganda. My trip then took me to Kenya… and to ByGrace Children’s Home. Their gate is something special! One of the teens from ByGrace, John (far right) is in a program at U-Turn for Christ. Along with a few other university students, I got to visit him there. I support several of the university students in this photo, so having a chance to visit them is always wonderful. They’re all students at African International University; I had the chance to visit and meet members of the university administration. Back row (L-R): Paris, Eve, Elvis, Ann, Allan; Front row (L-R): Chris, James, Esther I visited the African Enterprise (African Evangelical Enterprise) in Kenya… offices are next door to the World Vision Africa headquarters. Here are some of the young ones at ByGrace waiting for lunch, which was rice and beans. Then I jumped into the line to wait for lunch with the kids at ByGrace! Attack! The kids at ByGrace were just waiting for me to kneel down for a photo… While in Kenya, I met with this group of high school grads who are in a one-year program at African Enterprise called FoxFire. This is Kevin Vikilu, one of the leaders of African Enterprise Kenya and African Enterprise International. All throughout my trip, I kept saying, “Well, it's Africa!” This was my way of dealing with being late, being stuck in traffic or having to change plans in the middle of the day... or, as in this case, when the van broke down and the driver just starting taking parts off the engine. This was on the way to the airport.


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