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Proof HQ – Online Review Tool

We’re making it easy for you to view and comment on your direct marketing campaigns! Follow the steps below to access your campaigns in Proof HQ, review them and communicate comments to your Account Strategist. 

1. Sign In

Please sign in using your mission email address. If you encounter any issues, please call us at (626) 359-1015, or reach out to your account team via email.

Here’s an example of what that will look like:


2. Navigation

Along the left side of Proof HQ, you’ll see a thumbnail view of the artwork for the entire quarter. Click on a page to see it in the main viewing area.


Along the top left, you’ll see multiple “viewing” mode options you can use:




  • See or remove thumbnail view
  • One page at a time view
  • Continuous scroll view (recommended)
  • Magazine view


Along the bottom right, you’ll see tools to help you zoom in and out easily.






You can also navigate forward and backward using the arrow keys in the bottom center of your viewing window.




3. Commenting

In the top center, you’ll see an orange button called “ADD COMMENT.”  To add a comment on any page, click on the orange button.


  • A comment box will pop up on the right side of the page.
  • Use the cursor to draw a box around the area you’re commenting on.
  • Type out the instructions for your change in the comment box.
  • Click the green “SAVE” button.


Here’s an example of what that looks like:





IMPORTANT: Complete Variable Information sheet. Make sure to review your Variable Information sheet and make comments to fill in blanks or update any numbers, as necessary.

4. Finish Your Review

Here are 3 important “to-dos” once you’re finished reviewing your quarterly campaigns…


DOWNLOAD. Please download a PDF copy for your records by clicking the DOWNLOAD icon in the left hand panel.



PRINT. We encourage you to print a copy for your records (and for easy reference!) by clicking the PRINT icon in the left hand panel.




E-MAIL. Please send your account team an email letting us know you’re finished reviewing.


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