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The tale of 2 meals

The tale of 2 meals



 I love visiting the kids at ByGrace Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya. – RB 

The tale of 2 meals

In a land far, far away – Africa, in fact! – a man named Randy made a journey to see some truly wonderful young people…and perhaps visit the local KFC too.

A little background: ByGrace is a home for children in Nairobi, Kenya. Randy is a supporter and good friend to them.

Randy himself starts the tale as follows: “This children’s home lives on a shoestring budget and continues to open its doors to more and more kids. Most of these kids are orphans or have little-to-no family support. They depend on ByGrace to provide for them…so needless to say, finances are often scarce.”


John and me in front of KFC – he had never eaten there before. -RB

The tale of KFC

“I made a stop at the college dormitories where Chris and John – former ByGrace youth who I know and help support – now live.

Their dormitory showed me they could use a few things. I could see that a decent meal, some personal toiletries and new clothes could help them feel better and, in turn, study better.

I took them to KFC to eat. They had only eaten there once in their lifetime…as it’s an expensive luxury.

After lunch at KFC, we shopped for toiletries. They wouldn’t put $2 socks in their baskets because it was too much money. I had to convince them it was OK.

When you imagine that these young men haven’t had a dad, older brother or mentor – and shared their space with as many as 70 kids growing up – I can certainly see the value of my limited time sharing life and supporting them.”

Alex and Peter at the mall. We’d just eaten at a burger place and were headed to shop for toiletries. - RB

Alex and Peter at the mall. We’d just eaten at a burger place and were headed to shop for toiletries. – RB

The tale of the diner

“I took Alex and Peter, seniors at ByGrace who have latched onto me, out for dinner (and shopping for toiletries, too).

We ended up at a sit-down burger place…think Ruby’s Diner. They chose the restaurant because while they have walked past it before, they’ve never had the chance to eat there.

The boys are hungry…keep in mind, most meals at ByGrace are rice & beans-type meals to be made for 70 kids.

What I found the most inspiring was the talk at the table while we ate. These young men had so many basic teenager ‘growing up’ questions – you can see how hungry they are for grown up men in their lives.”




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