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“The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world” is a sentiment attributed to William Ross Wallace, an American poet with Scottish roots (not of Braveheart fame), praising motherhood as a preeminent force for change in the world. Indeed, certainly as it applies to driving positive social change, we can...

[custom_font font_family='Azo Sans' font_size='19' line_height='26' font_style='none' text_align='left' font_weight='300' color='' background_color='#d7eee7' text_decoration='none' text_shadow='no' padding='20px' margin='0px']First, a word on this from Michael "MT" Tomlinson, President of BDI: Do We Err Because We Care? We care deeply about our nonprofit organizations’ cause.  We’re investing our time, our talent, and often our own financial resources in...


Releasing generosity: maximized.


Releasing generosity: with your team.


Releasing generosity: our core belief.

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