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Socialize with These 5

Socialize with These 5


At our recent Brewer Direct Institute, we pulled a few people aside for a quick chat about what they were enjoying and learning this year.


Guess what? Each of them had something to say about big-picture, forward-thinking digital… and social media!


Sarah Ardis
Director of Development
Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission (Shreveport, LA)

“There’s been a lot of talk about digital and social media at this year’s Institute. Our Mission has been working more on the digital side… and really, what that means for us is telling more of our guests’ stories. With the mail, we’re only able to tell stories every so often. But with our social media and website, we’re able to tell stories in real time. Our social media analytics have showed us when we get the highest response rates on our posts – so we schedule out our posts for those peak hours. That means when we have really good testimonies and stories, we know more people will see our posts and read these amazing stories.”

Debi Kenyon
Director of Development/Communications
Rescue Mission of Utica (Utica, NY)

“I’ve been in Development for 43 years, but there’s always something to learn. The Brewer Institute has shown me that digital is the new adventure for me right now. I’m excited to be part of the BrewerSummit  program and expand our online presence. One thing I know our Mission has to do is expand our social media outreach. One of our goals this year is to implement and utilize social media like Instagram more to show photos of the stories happening at the Mission. The Institute has been great for hearing these new ideas about digital and social media – it keeps us moving forward in everything we’re doing.”


Dennis Chapman
Chief Development Officer
City Union Mission (Kansas City, MO) 

“Our Mission is considering so much in terms of digital. The Brewer Institute has reinforced that we’re doing some things right – and that there are a few things we want to give more attention to. We have a very generous community in Kansas City and because of that, we’ve been able to try many new, forward-thinking ways of reaching out. Our Board has been very generous to let me and our Mission team push forward into new areas. It’s another reason I’m glad to be here – it’s giving me the chance to ask what’s new and what I need to be considering in terms of reaching out. ”

Wendy Benedict
Development Manager
Allentown Rescue Mission (Allentown, PA)

“What’s been interesting to me at this year’s Brewer Institute is learning more about digital and how to expand our digital database. One immediate takeaway I have is realizing that we need to optimize our donation page for mobile donors. The other is using social media a lot more. Our Mission doesn’t have a large social media following – we have about 1,400 followers on Facebook. This Institute has really challenged me to learn more about expanding our social media outreach and how to prioritize it in terms of spending.”



Sarah Holtzinger
Director of Development
Yakima Union Gospel Mission (Yakima, WA)

“Our Mission has been with Brewer less than a year, but just in that time, we feel they’re an integral part of our Development team. Brewer is meeting us where we are as an important and teaching partner. We feel we have so many possibilities for our future. Digital and the use of this is very important to our Mission… three things I’ve learned at the Brewer Institute that I’m taking back to our team are:  1) mobile optimization of our donation page 2) utilizing Brewer’s online donor welcome kit and 3) utilizing Facebook ads – it’s great to know that Brewer is already doing research about how we can market and raise funds on Facebook. I realize how important it is to do weekly ads on social media for at least email signups, and how we can also use it to tell our stories often and well.”

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