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Socialize with Our Winner!

Socialize with Our Winner!


We wanted to see just how social our attendees could get. And boy, did they!


We held our first ever social media photo contest during our recent Brewer Direct Insitute. With the theme “Me in California,” this contest wasn’t JUST about posting good selfies. We also wanted to make sure those selfies had a socially conscious motivation behind them!

That’s why we chose a grand prize of $100 donated to the winner’s favorite charity.

 BIG congrats to our winner, Lyka Walton from Faith Mission in Wichita Falls!


“The composition and color of this photo is great,” says Senior Account Coordinator Jhovany Quiroz, who judged all submissions along with Skytone Creative Director Jeff Riley. “Lyka captured a beautiful moment. A lot of times, when you visit a famous place, it’s hard to capture it. But she did.” 

Thank you to everyone who got social by sharing their photos for our contest!

Want to see more great photos from our contest?

Search Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #bdiphoto and #bdi2017!   



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