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New Explorer Program empowers small Missions to grow!


From Shellie Speer, Executive VP Client Strategic Development, Brewer Direct


Throughout my 30 years partnering with Rescue Missions across the country, I’ve been blessed to witness so many small organizations doing amazing, godly work… but I’ve also seen that a large number need help!

When you’re a Mission on a limited budget ($1.5 million or less), or one with a small donor file size (under 2,500), it can be a real challenge to secure the funds you need to expand the vision and reach of your organization to help those in need.

Many small ministries have few, if any, staff who are actually part of their development program. At Brewer Direct, we want to meet Missions just where they are… and help them grow. We’ve recently expanded our offerings to help small Missions build on the amazing work they are already doing through our NEW Explorer Program!

A program to help small Missions has been on my heart for several years, so I’m thrilled to introduce Julie Larocco, who joins Brewer Direct as the Explorer Program’s strategist. I can think of no one better, with such a rich history partnering with Rescue Missions, to lead this exciting endeavor!

For Julie, serving Rescue Missions has been central to her life for as long as she can remember. Her grandparents founded City Union Mission in Kansas City, Missouri, and at just 22, Julie joined the staff there, where she developed one of the first formal volunteer programs for Rescue Missions. She has served for 25 years as a writer, public relations director and development officer for both City Union Mission and Kansas City Rescue Mission, and 12 years as a consultant to Missions around the United States with ENEX GROUP.

“I’m very excited to be Explorer’s strategist because it allows me to pass along the wisdom, knowledge and experience I’ve gleaned from serving in the ministry of rescue for more than 35 years,” says Julie. “My background in public relations, development, team-building and executive leadership allows me to understand the challenges these Missions face and respond with the answers they need.”


As Brewer Direct focuses on releasing generosity to help the hurting in our world, supporting small Missions – and reaching into their often untapped donor bases to do so – is key to our vision, and part of what attracted Julie to our team.

“Brewer Direct’s staff has a real heart for the homeless and for small Missions,” she says. “It took several months of planning to develop a program that offered not only very affordable direct mail and acquisition packages, but also the tools and coaching these Missions need so desperately.”


Because we understand that staff at small Missions must often wear many “hats,” we created the Explorer Program to come alongside them with our fundraising and development expertise, allowing them more time to focus on their ministry. Through winning cultivation and acquisition campaigns, small Missions in the Explorer Program will expand existing donations, discover new donors, grow their files and realize greater income, all with a measure of customization that can help deepen relationships with donors.

“Explorer isn’t just me,” Julie adds. “It has the power of the whole team at Brewer Direct behind it. That’s a lot of wisdom, experience and know-how! The Missions that come on board with Explorer will be empowered in ways they never imagined.” Whether clients are in our Explorer Program or expand into one of our other tiers of service, Brewer Direct is here to help clients forge a path for sustained growth.

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