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She’s With Us

She’s With Us

“When Randy and I first began talking about joining forces, we both agreed that if we do this, it has to be a win for our clients, a win for our staff and a win for us. We were very much in agreement about that.” - Shellie Speer

20160126_bdi_headshots_1667It’s with great pride that we share some VERY exciting news – and welcome some extremely talented (and all-around wonderful) people to Brewer Direct. And it all starts with Shellie.

Shellie Speer, the Owner/CEO of ENEX GROUP, is our newest team member at Brewer Direct!

Along with her comes the ENEX GROUP team of Mindy Sherfy (Account Services), Debbie Freeman (Creative) and Rosemary Shaw (Production).

Read more about the team here.

Shellie takes on the role of Executive Vice President, Client Strategic Development – and that long title may belie a very straightforward focus.

“I’m going to be broadening all the pieces of the development puzzle that BDI hasn’t been consulting on,” Shellie says. “Figuring out that whole development puzzle is what I love to do.”

Out of the Blue


When Shellie founded ENEX GROUP 22 years ago, she started with a vision. “I wanted to provide a lot of client service and hand-holding, and I also wanted to do customized work,” she says. In fact, her vision mirrored Randy Brewer’s in starting Brewer Direct!

Despite their similar approaches, and their overlapping client base of Rescue Missions, Shellie was acquainted with Randy only casually – from conferences and other events where their paths tended to cross.

But that began to change last June after AGRM.

At last year’s convention, Shellie became acutely aware of the increasing number of companies entering the fundraising arena, and she realized that, because of its small size, ENEX GROUP simply wasn’t able to provide many of the analytics and resources being offered by larger competitors – services ENEX GROUP clients needed as well.

She recalls thinking that if she were ever to consider partnering with another organization to provide these additional services, it would be Randy Brewer. “While I didn’t know him, I knew of his reputation,” she says.

Then out of the blue, she received a call.

A Merging of Vision


It was from Brewer Direct. Randy and other leadership at BDI had been thinking too about the unique consulting and strategic development opportunities Shellie could provide. So they began to talk . . . then they met . . . and their visions merged.

“When I met with Randy, I could see his heart,” she remembers. “I could see his love for the ministries and the Rescue Missions he works with. I loved that…I have such a heart for those same ministries and Rescue Missions so there was a connection.”

Both parties walked away to think, seek the counsel of others and to pray, agreeing to reconnect in 2016. And when they did, they each shared a sense that this was the right move for everyone – ENEX GROUP, Brewer Direct, both companies’ teams and most importantly, both companies’ clients.

“The services that ENEX GROUP and Brewer offer just truly complement each other,” Shellie says. “As individual companies, we’re both really great companies. But together, we’re going to be even better and that’s exciting for all of our clients.”

“Pieces of this big development puzzle”  


At Brewer Direct, Shellie will be front and center in providing clients with guidance in managing the “pieces of this big development puzzle.”

Years ago, Shellie discovered that direct mail – appeals and newsletters – was only a small piece of what her clients really needed.

As a result, she’s developed brainstorming sessions where she spends hours with clients discussing big development pieces like mass media integration…press releases and special events…even partnerships with churches and corporations. And she’s excited to bring that comprehensive approach to even more clients at Brewer Direct.

“Being part of Brewer is going to allow me the opportunity to ask more clients, ‘What are you doing in other areas of development, and how can we help you integrate all those pieces to achieve the best results for your Mission and the people you serve?’ I want to help them put the whole strategic picture together, piece by piece.”

Say “hi” to Shellie @brewerdirect!

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