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“I had no idea… how effective resending emails can be!”

This tip helps you automatically reach donors you might’ve missed the first time.

“I had no idea… how effective resending emails can be!”

When was the last time that you checked every single email you got on a given day?

The answer for most of us is NEVER.

You’re not alone. Our email inboxes are simply flooded every day, and it’s impossible to stay on top of everything we get.

Look at these statistics: In 2019, the average worker receives about 121 emails per day. In 5 days, that’s 605 emails! When you multiply 605 by 52 weeks in a year, you get 31,460 emails every year.

So with that many emails every day, it’s no wonder we don’t get to opening all our emails.

As a fundraiser, though, that’s a problem. We don’t want our emails to get lost in the shuffle of the daily grind. So we need a way to make sure our emails are reaching our intended audience – because that leads to higher open rates, higher click-through rates and our ultimate goal as fundraisers, more conversions.

Tip of the month: Automatically resending your emails to non-openers can lift response! 


At Brewer Direct, we include resending emails to non-openers as part of our email marketing program at no extra charge because it’s been so successful.

As our VP/Digital Strategy Stephanie Tippitt says, “Resending an email to a non-opener gives the donor another opportunity to respond to your email just in case they missed it the first time. Within 24 to 48 hours of sending out the monthly eAppeal, we schedule the email to be sent again to anyone in our list who DID NOT OPEN the email. It’s automated and effective!”

These emails are easy to set up in your designated email marketing platform (such as Mailchimp). There’s actually an option to schedule the email to be resent on your Schedule page, giving you the choice of how many days between the original email and resend.

At that time, you may choose to tweak the subject line or another aspect of your original email… or you may choose to leave it exactly as-is. Also, you’ll find the reporting data is helpful in determining the original and resent emails’ results, as well as the overall results.

The best news of all? Forbes found that resending emails increased their overall reach to 54.7% more people compared with the original. Likewise, Stephanie notes that these emails typically give an additional lift to the campaigns of anywhere from 4 to 6%.

When it comes to emails, your donors will always be distracted – they meant to read that email, but at that same moment, got an Instagram notification, or someone stepped in their office with an urgent matter. Resending your emails to non-openers is a simple and effective way to give them another chance to engage with your cause!


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