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Releasing Generosity Around the World

From Uganda to Indonesia… Randy Brewer brings worlds together with his giving spirit.

Releasing Generosity Around the World


“For God so loved the world that He gave” (John 3:16). It’s a verse the Brewer Direct team hears Randy, Brewer Direct’s Founder and Chairman/CEO, quote often. Love, after all, is at the heart of giving – and for Randy, his love and generosity reach around the world.

This summer, he traveled to Indonesia, bringing with him four young men from Uganda he met and befriended during one of his many trips to Africa over the years. In Uganda, the men perform regularly as the Anointed Crushers, a Christian music group. 

The Randy W. Brewer Foundation sponsored the Anointed Crushers’ trip to Indonesia as part of World Harvest’s Summer Mission outreach. For about five years through World Harvest, Randy has sponsored education and care for Kristo, a 12-year-old boy from Indonesia. Last year, Brewer Direct employees sponsored another child, an 8-year-old Indonesian girl named Clara, in honor of Randy as his Christmas gift. 

During this summer’s trip to Indonesia, Randy had the opportunity to visit both children, and played the role of tour manager for the Anointed Crushers. He coordinated a special concert at a World Harvest grade school in rural Tangerang, and in addition to sharing their gift of music, the Anointed Crushers helped prepare and serve a meal for over 150 children in attendance, including Kristo and Clara. 

“This was my first time meeting Clara,” Randy says. “She wants to be a doctor. And Kristo, he is growing up. He ran into the room and gave me a hug.” Not only does Randy give love around the world, he receives it! 

Watch the video above to see part of the concert – and witness Randy’s touching reunion with Kristo!

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