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Out with the old…

Out with the old…


direct-computersBrewer recently retired two still-working laptops. We all wanted them to go somewhere they’d be useful. But where? That’s when President/CEO Randy had a great idea.

Randy has been a good friend of ByGrace Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya, and has even visited twice in the last few years. “I heard testimonies and met a number of teens whose lives have been changed forever,” Randy says. “God is doing miracles there.”

Two of those teens were John and Chris, who recently graduated ByGrace and had the opportunity to move on to university (a huge accomplishment for both young men!) and continue their educations. But technology was still far beyond anything they could afford.

And that’s when Randy was struck with inspiration: Let’s send these laptops to John and Chris!

So that’s what we did. Today, John and Chris are now the very happy owners of laptops that really help in completing their university coursework. And we’re happy that they’re so happy!

It’s a blessing for all of us to help support these amazing young men as they work hard to turn their dreams of a brighter future into reality.



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