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BrewerToolbox is a brand new way we’re providing clients access to the 360° fundraising resources they need… 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. 


Here’s some background: We know what a challenge it can be for Development, Marketing, and Communications Teams to create or access the resources they need every day (such as best practice strategy, telephone scripts, press release templates, custom thank you letter copy, social media assets or even their own photos).

So we  ‘ed it…  (We nailed it!)




“The idea behind Toolbox is to put a treasure trove of resources in the hands of our clients,” says Client Services Lead Lolly Colombo, who helped spearhead the development of Toolbox. “We want to wrap our arms around the entire development process and put tools at their fingertips for new and creative approaches to growing relationships with donors.”

These are tools every fundraiser needs in their toolbelt: 

  • Industry trends and statistics
  • Case-studies
  • White papers
  • Cutting edge strategic one-sheets
  • Troubleshooting tips and tools
  • PR tools and templates
  • Digital assets

“In addition to industry tools and a grab-and-go marketing, communications and PR library, Toolbox is an all-access pass to our clients’ own resources,”
Lolly says, “including their own photo assets, campaign graphics and customized, effective letter copy for every situation.”


As a development team, we know the donor world is complex and you are faced with untangling perceptions, cutting through the noise, tightening up your own messaging, and winning hearts across a myriad of audiences.

We ’ed down to be sure we included as many useful resources as possible in our Toolbox!

“We understand the development endeavor,” Lolly says. “And BDI wants to partner with our clients along the way by providing vital resources – in an on-demand environment – where their select staff can have access immediately and at their convenience.”

Brewer Direct is ’ing it up for all our clients with BrewerToolbox!  Coming soon!

Have questions or comments about Toolbox? Contact your Account Strategist or tell us more @brewerdirect!


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