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No doubt about it… 2016 took online video from “up and coming” to “major player” in marketing and fundraising.



Stephanie Tippitt, Brewer’s Digital Marketing Strategist, points out that at BDI, the average click rates on digital campaigns is at .46% while a January 2016 video appeal received a .88% (a 47% increase)!



“We know video is highly effective in digital fundraising,” says Creative Director Matt Sommer. “The challenge is… high-end, originally produced video is expensive. Also, how do we fulfill the promise we have to our clients to make their communication customized and unique for their mission?”

Our recently released “Hands” video was a dynamic solution!

Not only is “Hands” a universal message – hands of all shapes, sizes and colors helping one another and those in need – but, as Matt says, “Our clients could share in the cost (a fraction of a one-off video)… yet each video had a customized ending with a powerful call to action for their monthly giving program.”



The strategy behind the “Hands” video is a focus on monthly donors: hands helping hands month to month, year-round.  Because monthly giving programs often require more and longer explanation, using video was a dynamic way to show the impact instead.

“Consistent and reliable gifts from monthly giving partners ensure an organization has the resources they need to offer food, shelter and guidance every day of the week, every month of the year,” says Shellie Speer, Executive VP Client Strategic Development. “Different donors respond to different opportunities.”

To make this video a reality, Matt and his production team set about photographing hands – hundreds! – and then used voice-over narration to tie the images to a meaningful monthly giving offer. As Matt says, “There were so many wonderful shots of people helping others.”

“For me, the best moment of this video is the overall effect, which one viewer said brought tears to her eyes… and knowing that no matter who you are, or where you are in life, your hand can make a difference in a hurting person’s life.” - Matt Sommer | Creative Director

This professionally produced video gives Brewer clients a powerful way to reach out online, or as Shellie says, “Being able to provide our clients with various mediums, like this beautiful video, is just another way we promote our integrated services.”


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