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NEW BOOK ALERT: Releasing Generosity, The Book


Perhaps you’ve seen a cooking show where a contestant says, “This is me on a plate.”

Well, Releasing Generosity is Randy Brewer on a page.


In his newest book, available on May 31, he readily admits, “I’m the ‘Fundraising Guy.’” However, this is NOT a how-to manual on raising funds for nonprofits. Randy has spent decades motivating people to give money to charitable causes and seeing lives changed by it. At this point, raising funds is second nature to him, and he wants to make his key motivation for fundraising second nature for others too.

Releasing Generosity is a deep dive into Randy’s most personal, core beliefs about what it means to live a generous life. As he writes, “I was struck by a new concept: Generosity isn’t the same as giving. Generosity is about the love you release from your heart… Giving is a result of generosity. It’s an overflow of God’s love.”

That overflow of God’s love in his own heart prompted Randy to generously share his thoughts on generosity with others – and ultimately, write them down for this new book.

“This book is my manifesto,” Randy says. “I wrote it for my current and future staff at Brewer Direct… whom I consider ‘the keepers of the flame.’”

While he’s still actively engaged with the Brewer staff, he felt it was important to write this book to give them an even deeper glimpse of his heart. He wants to challenge them with a central question of the book: “What will you do with the love you’ve been given?” And because he’s taken the time to write down his thoughts, his staff now have an opportunity to share them with others. It’s a gift he’s given them that will keep on giving! This book is a message straight from Randy’s heart, inspiring others to consider what it means to be generous… beyond just giving money.

Advanced praise for the book all tends to start with one main point: Randy is a model of releasing generosity and lives out what he’s written. Says Aaron Juckett, President and Founder of ESOP Partners, LLC, “I can think of no one better to write a book on generosity.” Or Pat Dirkse, the Founder and Pastor of City Church Compton, “Randy demonstrates what he writes. He has experienced the generous love of God and he deeply reflects that.”

Ultimately, Randy’s greatest hope for anyone who finds their way to Releasing Generosity is that they’re inspired to look at the world through God’s eyes and then to put the love they’ve received into action! As he writes in the opening pages, “Let the love you’ve experienced overflow into the hearts and lives of others. Start releasing generosity.”

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Releasing generosity: maximized.


Releasing generosity: with your team.


Releasing generosity: our core belief.

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