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NERDING OUT about your passions

NERDING OUT about your passions

“I love to come up with more efficient and accurate ways to keep track of all our clients’ specific likes and dislikes, quirks and details. From color-coding to mnemonic devices to making elaborate charts that no one should ever have to read, proofreading is the perfect outlet for my type A, detail-obsessed personality.” - Anna


“My favorite ‘tool’ when writing newsletters is a thesaurus. I have an app on my computer that I use constantly. To me, it’s like going shopping for words – trying on different ones in the sentence and choosing the one that fits just right. And the best part…they’re all free!” - Debbie


Pocket protectors and glasses with tape…nope! But two of our most awesome and creative minds consider themselves “nerds” when it comes to doing what they love – and remind us all how cool it is to nerd out about your passion…

Anna_KoonsMeet Anna, our proofreading “nerd”

Anna’s been proofreading here at Brewer for over 3 years. She’s our Lead Proofreader, which is really a fancy way of saying she’s constantly busy with words!

That’s because every piece of direct mail, every e-appeal and donation page, every brochure or white paper for our clients (and even some of our internal e-mails!) go through her watchful eyes before they’re released to the world.

“I love the invisibility of proofreading; I picture our department like the elves in the old fairy tale ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker,’” Anna says. “We thrive behind the scenes, quietly adding extra touches and fixing all the little kinks in an appeal before it’s ready to make its debut in the mail.”

Debbie-FreemanMeet Debbie, our newsletter “nerd”

While Debbie is the newest member of our Creative Team, she’s been writing some of our newest clients’ newsletters for 8+ years! As ENEX GROUP’s lead writer, Debbie’s written it all: direct mail, digital, brochures, press releases…but there’s a special place in her heart for writing newsletters and interviewing clients.

“I love interviewing the clients for their testimonies…their stories often are so moving and inspiring. I especially like to do it in the morning because it sets the tone for the rest of my day.”

Newsletter interviewing is full of surprises. “At the end of an interview, I always ask: ‘Is there anything I haven’t asked that you feel is important to share?’” Debbie says. “One man – he was in his late 50s or so – responded, ‘Well, the Mission taught me to read!’ Wow! That opened the door for a lot of new questions and took the interview in a whole different direction.”

Debbie loves to detail how donors’ support really is changing people’s lives – and writes each newsletter as a letter you’d be excited to get from a good friend. “I imagine each person getting it out of their mail box and sitting down to read it with a cup of coffee. When they’re finished, I hope they feel informed, motivated and, most importantly, appreciated.”

Tell Anna and Debbie how YOU nerd out @brewerdirect!

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