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NERDING OUT about cool new clients

NERDING OUT about cool new clients

Introducing two of our newest clients (both from the great state of Washington!) who are doing some really cool things in their communities…and now, we’re joining forces to help them do even more!

Welcome to Union Gospel Mission of Spokane and The Yakima Union Gospel Mission!

Even cooler? These two Missions often work together already! “We regularly share ideas and insights with our Mission partners in Spokane,” says Sara Holtzinger, Director of Development at The Yakima Union Gospel Mission.

And both Sara and Wil Wilhelm, Director of Development at Spokane, look forward to continuing those exchanges, with Brewer Direct joining in as well to add our expertise and experience to the mix.

Our fearless President & CEO Randy Brewer puts it this way: “We appreciate the trust that these two Missions have placed in our newly expanded company – and we couldn’t be more excited about coming alongside these ministries.”

Here’s just a taste of the really cool work these Missions are doing in their communities…


UGM Newsletter

We love Union Gospel Mission of Spokane’s newsletter covers & how they help their readers see the Mission guests they’re helping as real people in their community.


Yakima Union Gospel Mission new medical center

We love how The Yakima Union Gospel Mission is building a new medical center facility that will serve over 12,000+ people who need medical care in their community each year.


So many exciting projects and ideas – and we’re just getting started!

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