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Meet Michael Tomlinson: Brewer Direct’s new President

Meet Michael Tomlinson: Brewer Direct’s new President


In keeping with our vision for the future at Brewer Direct, we’re excited to announce a great new addition to our executive leadership team! 



Michael Tomlinson, a multi-talented marketing and media executive, who has developed highly successful fundraising programs for faith-first charities and organizations across the U.S. and abroad, joined our agency on May 27, as President.

“We are thrilled to have Michael join us,” says Randy Brewer, Brewer Direct’s Chairman & CEO. “This is the culmination of several years of planning. The decision reflects the growth we’ve enjoyed and the long-term strategic vision for the agency.” 

Michael will work closely with Randy, who remains as agency Chairman and CEO. He brings a wealth of experience in marketing and fundraising expertise that spans virtually every medium, ranging from print, digital, branding, corporate communications, as well as broadcast media. Michael has an M.A. in Organizational Management and Marketing.  In addition to marketing Focus on the Family, Michael served as Chief Operating Officer for Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk ministry.

“Michael (or ‘MT,’ as he is known to colleagues and friends) is a relationship-driven, people-first leader,” Randy adds. “He not only understands the art and science of fundraising, he understands Brewer’s ‘you-first’ culture. That was the most important quality we were looking for as we carried out an exhaustive search over many months.”

Q & A


Randy and the Brewer team are looking forward to having you meet Michael. But to give you just a little bit more about the mind and heart behind the man, we sat down with him for a little Q & A.


Direct Edge: Why have you accepted the invitation to serve as Brewer Direct’s President?

Michael: We’re all called to be generous with our time, talent and treasure in the pursuit of The Great Commission. What better way to draw attention to the love, grace and salvation offered by the Lord Jesus Christ than to meet the felt needs of His hurting people?

I’ve always believed that there’s plenty of money, time and faithfulness of good people to be charitable AND organizations that are committed to do the work, pouring into the lives of others. 

The key is connecting the two – matching opportunity with capacity. That’s why I’m thrilled to join Brewer Direct, an organization who has been so effective in doing precisely that – helping the helpers, resourcing those who resource, and partnering for even better impact.

I have made it the focus of my career to come alongside those who give, who teach, and who lead faith-forward. The “why” behind where and how we invest time, our most precious gift, is vital to me.

I get fired up by leveraging an ever-growing suite of communication channels and platforms to deepen the relationship with audiences, creating a win-win and authentic bond to great philanthropic effect. Brewer Direct calls this “releasing generosity,” and I think that captures the spirit of my passion as well.


Direct Edge: What would you say to our current and future clients about how you see your relationship with them?

Michael: I believe deeply in Brewer Direct’s mission and how they have developed rich relationships with their clients and partners. I won’t compromise what they have known and come to expect from BDI.  
I firmly believe in Brewer’s and their clients’ commitment to following Jesus’ mandate to reach out to the hurting – to help feed, house, train, heal and recover from addictions. I care deeply that somebody steps up and shares Christ’s love. I want to come alongside, to be a “watcher on the wall” with this incredible work they do.   


Direct Edge: How would you measure success in a transition like this?

Michael: We measure our success by the success of our partners to meet the needs to grow in their markets. To that end, I understand that this is an expansive transition. I’ve been involved professionally with leadership change at other organizations. I know from first-hand experience what works and what doesn’t… how to foster a dynamic integration with a team and with their constituents.  
All the components for great impact are already in place at Brewer – the people, the strategies, the processes. I’m thoroughly impressed with not only what Brewer does… but, more importantly, how they do it.  


Direct Edge: How do you see your working relationship with Randy?

Michael: I really like Randy. He’s true. He’s authentic. He’s created an intentional structure and DNA that reflect how he values people. He’s a man of significant personal courage. Randy has done an exemplary job in bringing in people with exceptional talent.  I’m inspired by the incredible culture he has built and look forward to working with him and the Brewer team to continue helping clients and the donors they serve.


Direct Edge: Tell us a little about your own family and personal interests?

Michael: I’m the proud father of three sons. My wife, Kelly, and I have been married for 20 years. We knew each other as kids and lost track of each other for many years. Then we rediscovered one another at my MA graduation! We’re both very active in our church. I also enjoy muscle cars, range shooting and playing the guitar.   


Direct Edge: What is your vision for the future at BDI?

Michael: Looking to the future, I’m honored to join a powerful team of experienced professionals and a family of partner organizations who share a vision and have tremendous personal alignment. 


Together we will rise to the challenge to equip more kingdom-driven nonprofits who lead by example and are courageous in the culture – answering their call to help a hurting world.


Read the official Press Release here.



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