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Sometimes, new is a challenge… and sometimes, it’s just fun. 

For our 3 newest employees at Brewer, being new has been challenging… fun… and given them plenty about Brewer to love.

“New can be exciting, but also overwhelming. It’s a test of my ability to digest copious amounts of information and organize it in my brain,” says Rhonda Moore, our newest Senior Account Director/Strategist. “I actually like that challenge. It’s fun to learn new things.”

“Nothing is more invigorating for me than learning and experiencing new things,” says Mikel Barajas, our newest Account Coordinator. “So new is exciting!”

“New is largely exciting to me… I love fresh starts and learning new things. A challenge is always a welcome opportunity to grow,” says Laura Copeland, our newest Client Support Assistant. “Everyone has experienced ‘change fatigue’… but those times are also what shape us and give us stories to tell.”


Meet + Greet: Rhonda Moore
Senior Account Director/Strategist

“A company-wide potluck! I’ve not worked at a company before where the entire staff participates in this kind of event. I loved it!”

Meet + Greet: Mikel Barajas
Account Coordinator

“So many fun company events, from the team canned food drive to the 12 Days of Christmas potluck event, and of course, the Christmas Party, which was a blast!”

Meet + Greet: Laura Copeland
Client Support Assistant

“An honestly ‘family-like’ environment. Other companies say that’s their goal, but they really don’t work to foster it in deed as well as an ideal.” 


Our Growing Donor Relations & Marketing Team

The new tasks these 3 have been entrusted with are so important to the life of the agency – from Rhonda carefully assessing and reviewing the marketing strategies that become our clients’ campaigns to Mikel compiling our clients’ customized edits and preferences to Laura working with client data on a very large and critical scale.

With such talent, you can see why we’re thrilled to add these 3 to our growing family!

Whether you’re new or have known us for years, tell us what you love @brewerdirect!

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