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“We appreciate how Brewer Direct has consistently engaged our community…”

Our clients on “Why Brewer Direct?”

“We appreciate how Brewer Direct has consistently engaged our community…”

This month: Long Beach Rescue Mission (Long Beach, CA)

Robert Probst, Executive Director, writes:

As a Rescue Mission in one of the most populated areas in the U.S., it’s important that we have a partner who knows how to reach out and engage a very diverse community.

We appreciate how Brewer Direct has consistently engaged our community through sharing our residents’ unique testimonies and photos… while also sharing the story of Long Beach Rescue Mission and our ministry.

It’s truly a joy to speak with the Brewer Team and hear how knowledgeable they are about the services and programs we offer here, beyond serving meals to our homeless guests.

We also appreciate how much support we get from Brewer’s team. Far beyond just mailing our monthly fundraising campaigns, they’ve been our trusted advisor on everything from direct mail to digital acquisition. They champion our special events like the annual Prayer Breakfast we host for the greater Long Beach area. Each year, I see their staff in attendance, and I can’t tell you how heartening it is to have them standing behind us (literally and figuratively) in everything we do.

I’m convinced that without Brewer Direct’s knowledge, expertise and above all, friendship, Long Beach Rescue Mission wouldn’t be where it’s at today. We really love Brewer Direct as a partner and value the relationship we have with them.

Robert Probst was the Associate Director at Long Beach Rescue Mission before becoming the Executive Director in 2013. His passion for rescue has led him to write curriculum on issues surrounding homelessness and further develop the Rescue Mission’s residential rehabilitation and case management programs. “I love Long Beach Rescue Mission and all the great work that takes place here. We have an amazing team.” Robert is also an ordained chaplain and a Certified Addiction Specialist.







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