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Let’s Get Moving!

Let’s Get Moving!


There’s going out for a bike ride on the weekend. And then, there’s the bike ride that Brewer Direct proofreader Ashlee Ginn is going on this summer…one that takes “get moving” to a whole new level.

You see, Ashlee is planning to ride her bike 70 miles a day…for 50 days…all the way from Oregon to New York.

Ashlee is a part of Ride for Water  – she and 9 other riders from her alma mater, Azusa Pacific University, have dedicated nearly 2 months this summer to this ride as a fundraising project for the nonprofit, charity: water. 

And she’s riding as part of the first ever women’s team. “My teammates and I felt that Ride for Water needed to include women,” Ashlee says. “We began planning how we could expand this campaign with the presence of women, especially since women are the most affected by the global water crisis.”

It’s true…in many parts of the world, women often miss out on their education or work opportunities because they spend hours a day collecting dirty water. And that makes Ashlee want to do something about it.

“I knew I wanted to be a part of Ride for Water because the entire opportunity encompasses several things I’m passionate about: cycling, global awareness, and advocating for those who need help.”


This is no average bike ride. 50 days and 3,000+ miles of riding means lots of logistics – food…water…fuel for the support vans. Ashlee’s team must find places to stay overnight, which has meant hundreds of phone calls to friends of friends and other kind-hearted people along the route. (If you can offer the Ride for Water Team a place to stay between Oregon and New York during their trip, e-mail Ashlee!) 

But all those logistics are worth it to support a cause that Ashlee is passionate about: clean water for people in need. “Clean water is such a fundamental human necessity,” she says. “I love seeing charity: water drastically change people’s lives with clean water and I want to be part of that change.”

Here at Brewer Direct, we’re thrilled that Ashlee has this incredible opportunity to follow her passion to help other people – and live out the kind of giving to others that BDI embodies.

“There are so many issues in the world that it’s easy to feel like we can’t make a difference,” Ashlee says. “It’s important to remind myself that I can make a difference, and to remind others that they can, too. By simply banding together with those who have time and money to give, those who are less fortunate than us get to experience a more full life.”

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Photography credit: Photos by Rachel Kehlee Photography



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