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Leaders in Ministry Conference: 2018 Brewer Direct Institute Recap

Leaders in Ministry Conference: 2018 Brewer Direct Institute Recap

The 2018 Brewer Direct Institute did not disappoint with three full days of fellowship, learning, worship and fun! Here’s a look back at some of the key points from this year’s keynote speakers, Laurie Beth Jones (best-selling author of Jesus, CEO, and many others) and Dan Wolgemuth (President, Youth for Christ).

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Laurie Beth Jones, “Jesus, CEO – Relevant for Today?”

Laurie Beth Jones gave an inspiring talk and challenged listeners to put the soul back into their mission, and flip the “No margin, no mission” ideology on its head: “No mission, no margin.

As she reflected on the differences in leadership in today’s American culture, she made the following connection: “In our country, we celebrate success and victory… an American, alpha-style model of leadership. When you look at the most significant sites in the Holy Land, they have one thing in common: this is where one person surrendered everything they had to God. And this is the difference in Jesus’ style of leadership, where the only path to victory is surrender – you have to start by giving up everything.”

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Dan Wolgemuth, “Navigating toward the Impossible”Photograph of Dan Wlgemuth - Non Profit marketing

In Dan Wolgemuth’s keynote session, he focused on the challenges of ministering to hurting populations. As he spoke, he used the Scriptural example of Peter, who reflects both great failure through his denial of Christ, and incredible redemption through how he’s transformed through his failure.

“Peter was overconfident and made the promise that he would never abandon Jesus. He basically said, ‘I got this.’ And we all know how that story ends,” Wolgemuth said. “We often feel self-assured when we can say to our Board of Directors, our guests, our community, ‘I got this.’ But unless we’re empowered by God, we don’t got it.”

He left his audience with the final exhortation to love Jesus and through that love, watch as the impossible becomes possible. “Grace gives us the compass to navigate toward the impossible… and when we love outrageously, recklessly like Jesus, we’ll see amazing transformations begin to happen because of that love.”

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