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3 Ways to Get Your Key Messaging Across

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3 Ways to Get Your Key Messaging Across

Improve Your Nonprofit Organization’s Credibility

If you had just FIVE minutes to sum up your organization’s key messaging, what would you say? Maybe you would focus on your organization’s years of service in the community, your unique long-term programs, your partnership with local resources, or the needs of the local people you serve.

Overall, your key messaging should address questions like what makes your organization different? How do you stand out in the crowd of hundreds of other nonprofits in your area? Is your message purposeful?

These three steps will help you address these key questions, tell your most effective story and successfully get your organization’s message across:

  1. Keep it concise. Key messaging is the summary of who you are as an organization. And unlike the statements above, your key messaging doesn’t just focus on one aspect of the work you do. It’s a holistic view of your work. It comes from your organization’s story, from the themes that come up over and over and that best define your strategy and goals. By avoiding lengthy jargon and keeping it bite-size, you have greater control over carefully crafting your story and maximizing the impact of your message.
  2. Keep it clear. Your key messaging should be straightforward and to the point. If your message is complicated or full of lingo, there’s little chance it will be remembered. By making sure it is short and specific, your donors and people from your community will hang on to those focused statements when asked about your organization and more easily utilize them when speaking to others.
  3. Keep it consistent. If you want your message to stick, it must be repeated. Building memorable key messaging across all your channels is especially important in educating others about your work. Key and consistent messaging creates a memorable identity for your organization and builds a stronger foundation for credibility. 


When you can confidently say that your key messaging is concise, clear and consistent, you stand apart from other nonprofits and organizations, your key messaging leads to a good reputation – and, in turn, your credibility in the community grows.

So why is credibility important?

Credibility is your key to being successful in raising money and building relationships with donors, prospects, media, local government, churches, businesses and other nonprofit organizations.

Once you’ve successfully told your story, keep telling it. Building your brand identity and sticking true to your key messaging will prove to your donors, community and even the media that you are established, organized and worthy of their time, support and financial gifts.

Need help crafting the perfect key message? Check out our step-by-step guide to creating your nonprofit organization’s key messaging here.


-Shellie Speer
Executive VP/Client Strategic Development

photograph of Shellie Speer - nonprofit marketingShellie has been working side-by-side with Rescue Mission clients for over 30 years. She is the spearhead for Brewer Boost, which offers wraparound services like key messaging development and community engagement strategies. Her vision for an integrated donor communications model has empowered clients to set in motion successful development plans that strengthen their Missions’ financial foundations and partnerships in the community.





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