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“I had no idea… a sticker could raise us money!”

This tip helps you leverage a NEW Instagram feature for powerful peer-to-peer fundraising.

“I had no idea… a sticker could raise us money!”



What if Instagram became synonymous with instant donations? Thanks to the platform’s recent update, it soon could. This spring, Instagram unveiled a new Donation sticker for Stories, and promises 100% of funds raised through the feature will go directly to nonprofits.

Instagram reports that 500 million of its users – 50% of total users daily – engage with Stories, that time-sensitive content pulsing at the top of their feeds. Stories, unlike posts tucked away in a feed, disappear within 24 hours after posting. Perhaps it’s FOMO (that fear of missing out) that increases engagement – plus the lure of fresh content that encourages users to tune in. Whatever the key driver is, one this is sure: The new Donation sticker will change the social media game for nonprofits, helping to convert followers into donors giving to their cause.

Tip of the month: Harness the power of peer-to-peer fundraising with Instagram’s exclusive new Donation sticker for nonprofits.

Here’s how to make your first Donation sticker Story in 5 easy steps!

Open Instagram and tap and hold your account’s photo in the Stories bar at the top of your screen.


2. Select “Add to Your Story,” and upload a photo or video, and add text or effects as desired.

3. Tap the Sticker icon (looks like a smiley face on a sticky note) and scroll to Donation.


4. Search your nonprofit in the bar at the top.* Once you select it, an editable text form with donate button will pop up. Use the pre-populated call to action, or customize your message to highlight what exactly a donation will provide. Meals? Shelter? Life-changing recovery programs? Spell it out in your Sticker text and pair with with a compelling photo. (Check out this example of a nonprofit using it to their advantage!) 


5. Tap the “Send To ►” button in the bottom right corner and share to Your Story.


*If you don’t see your organization listed, you may need to switch over to a Business Account and designate yourself as a Nonprofit Organization (under Category when you tap Edit Profile). This can be done in Settings.

Congratulations – you’ve just created your first Donation sticker Story! You can even track how much your sticker raises by swiping up on your Story.

The new Donation sticker is a powerful way to encourage your followers, not only from your own Story, but from your followers’ too. Encourage them to become influencers for your cause, posting the Donation sticker to their Story to ask for donations on your behalf . Here are some good opporutnities:

  • Birthdays! Ask followers to use the Donation sticker on their birthdays, offering friends and family a way to “give a gift” that will benefit your organization in place of a traditional birthday gift.
  • #GivingTuesday. Invite followers to support you on this special day celebrating giving (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving) by posting the Donation sticker on their Story and encouraging people to give to your cause. 


A few last things to keep in mind…

  • With Stories, oversharing should be the least of your worries. Instagram actually encourages posting to your Story regularly to increase the visibility of your message. Don’t fear asking for donations with the Donation sticker… rather ask and ask again!
  • If a follower tags you int heir Story (mentioning your @username), be sure to repost this to your own Story. This increases exposure and is a welcome gesture of thanks to your supporter.
  • Because Instagram Stories last only 24 hours, it’s important to “pin” a Story that includes the Donation sticker to your Profile page as a Highlight. To do this from your Profile page, tap the”+New” icon above your photo grid, then select Stories you would like to save in a new reel. Consider naming the Highlight “Donate” for ease of use. That way, anyone who navigates to your Profile page will always have a way to give via your Donation sticker.


Here’s to making Instagram more than a platform for “selfies,” but a selfless way to do good!


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