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“I had no idea… donors can peek at our print appeals ONLINE!”

This tip helps you connect with donors before they’ve even opened your letter.

“I had no idea… donors can peek at our print appeals ONLINE!”


Wondering what’s in the mail today? Many of us know all too well the frustration of driving to the post office, or walking down the drive in pouring rain to get the mail, only to discover an empty box… or worse, all junk!

With USPS Informed Delivery, gone are the days of pointless trips to the postbox. This new Postal Service program allows subscribers to digitally preview images of what will be in their mailbox simply by checking a daily email notice or through the Informed Delivery app.

That means if you are out of town, you can still check your mail. And if you’re a nonprofit whose donors go on vacation, with Informed Delivery, you can still make sure they see your appeals!

“Informed Delivery gives nonprofits another opportunity to get in front of their donors,” says Brewer Direct’s Production Supervisor, Carmen Campbell. “If I’m a donor, I may travel, misplace my mail or not check my mailbox every day, but with Informed Delivery, I can see my mail even if I don’t physically have it in my hand.”

This increased visibility can make a big difference for nonprofits. “A donor may see an Informed Delivery image of a letter from their favorite charity and think, ‘Oh, I was going to make a donation.’ Now they have the ability to do it right there by clicking on the digital ad that arrives with the preview,” Campbell says.


Tip of the month: Call donors to action with Informed Delivery digital ads integrated with your print appeals! 


Currently, there are 18.62 million registered users of USPS Informed Delivery. Of these, 13.6 million receive email notifications of their mail delivery, with an average email open rate of 62.87%.

Can you imagine receiving such a high open rate for an email fundraising appeal? A donor might be hesitant to click open on an email subject line that screams, “Inside we’re asking for your donation.” But their curiosity about what arrived in the mail today will often motivate them to open their Informed Delivery email. And when they do, nonprofits have a special opportunity to reach them.

While Informed Delivery only shows subscribers mail envelopes in grayscale, organizations can create 4-color ads with a prominent, compelling call to action to accompany the preview image of the mail piece. Nonprofits can then link these ads to a unique donation page.

“At Brewer Direct, our Digital Team will be tracking gifts made via Informed Delivery ads to see how these ads lead to conversions,” Campbell says. “We’re planning to test this strategy with a handful of Missions for their Holiday Newsletter, Christmas Acquisition and Year End Appeal.”

Marrying the excitement of receiving a real letter in the mail with the ease of opening an email, Informed Delivery presents a powerful touchpoint for nonprofits to engage their donors… before they’ve even gotten their mail.

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