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“I had no idea that… the right mix of emails matters!”

This tip yields deeper, richer connections with your online subscribers/donors.

“I had no idea that… the right mix of emails matters!”



As an agency with expertise in digital fundraising, we’re often asked 2 questions:

  • How much should we email?
  • Aren’t we emailing too much?

Tip of the month: Keep sending emails… and focus on sending the right mix.

We recommend having a planned email calendar that includes 3 types of emails throughout the month:

  • Fundraising (raising financial support)
  • Advocacy (encouraging awareness & involvement)
  • Newsletters (reporting impact & success)

Notice that according to the M+R Benchmark Study, the majority of emails that nonprofits send out are fundraising-focused emails. Reminder: not every message should be a hard-hitting fundraising ask. It’s important to include advocacy (to increase engagement) and newsletters (to show outcomes). They may not raise as much money – but raising money isn’t the whole point!

Last thing: Don’t let your online subscribers/donors choose how often they’d like to receive emails. Research shows that people are more likely to give again when they hear from you repeatedly about 1) the impact of their giving and 2) your gratitude for making this outcome possible.

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