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Stronger together: Start engaging new corporate partners…. now!

Here are 3 easy (and effective) ways to develop new Corporate Partnerships

Stronger together: Start engaging new corporate partners…. now!

From Michael Tomlinson, CEO and President, BDI

Corporations are part of your community, and as such, many feel a responsibility to give back through supporting nonprofits that seek solutions to issues that are challenging to their employees, neighbors, clients and customers.

For nonprofits, there’s a huge upside to developing these partnerships: Corporations have plenty to give!

  • Giving by corporations is estimated to have increased by 5.4% in 2018, totaling $20.05 billion
  • 9 out of 10 companies match employee donations – an estimated $2-3 billion is donated through these programs annually
  • 61% of companies have paid-release time for employees who participate in volunteer programs
  • Around $6-10 billion dollars goes unclaimed from corporations each year from matching gifts alone

Nonprofits and corporations can often be “a match made in heaven.” In return for providing a variety of vital resources to a charity, the company benefits by creating a favorable public image and positive employee morale – and in some cases, a tax advantage – while supporting the community infrastructure so the business can succeed.

Sounds good, but not sure where to start?

Here are 3 great ways to engage Corporate Partners:


Since corporations are looking to give back to their communities while also seeking new business, customers and positive PR, sponsoring your event can provide the perfect forum for them!

If you’re a little rusty at reaching out to corporations, here’s an easy approach: Identify local businesses that have sponsored your organization in the past or that seem likely to appreciate your particular programs and services. Make these companies your initial focus and demonstrate how the partnership will be of value to them.

Start now to give your organization lots of lead time to determine how best to get these businesses involved with your upcoming events.


Nearly 65% of large companies – and 30% of small to midsize – offer corporate matching programs. Each time an employee donates to a nonprofit, the company gives the same amount to the same organization. It’s an excellent way for businesses to reward their employees’ generosity and easily give back to a number of charitable causes. Best of all, it doubles the funds for your organization!

Corporations can also be mighty allies for providing matching funds for your campaigns. Research shows the most effective time to use a matching gift is year-end; but you might also consider getting a corporate matching gift for a building project or an urgent, but unbudgeted, need.

Start now to find more corporate-match partners and take advantage of the billions of dollars that go unclaimed each year!


Companies often encourage and even provide incentives for their employees to volunteer. Corporate volunteer programs are growing in popularity and have proven benefits like improved team collaboration and employee engagement.

With only 33% of workers reporting they feel engaged with their job – and over 50% of job seekers looking for a company with a strong commitment to social impact – it’s never been more important to provide employees with a way to make a difference at work.

Start now to find companies that offer paid release-time for volunteering, or ask current volunteers to connect you to their employers. Create a variety of unique volunteer opportunities for corporate groups and try to incorporate their professional skills to make their experience more meaningful.

Plus, partnership is scriptural!

“Two are better than one, for they have a good return for their labor.” Ecclesiastes 4:6 (NIV)

There’s no time like the present. Engage new Corporate Partners… now!

Local business partnerships will empower your organization to raise more funds and inspire more people to engage with your cause – allowing your nonprofit to reach its full potential. That’s a win for your organization… your corporate partners… and most importantly, the community you serve.


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