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“I had no idea that… Facebook videos could be easy!”

This simple tip yields immediate results.

“I had no idea that… Facebook videos could be easy!”

HOme page instructionsHOme page instructions

Start by logging into your organization's Facebook page

Then click Photo/Video

Create slideshow instructions

Choose Create Slideshow to begin adding photos

add photos button

Choose desired settings

Then add between three and ten photos

add music button

Add music to make your slideshow more fun

hit create slideshow instructions

Hit Create Slideshow at the bottom right corner of the window

Hit publish instructions

Hit Publish in the bottom right of the window



Video is a super effective way to engage your Facebook followers. However, you may not have the resources in place to easily create a video.

Tip of the month: Use multiple images to create a video on Facebook! Choose your best photos and use them to create a 15-second Slideshow in Facebook. You can even add text and music. Your photos will play exactly like a video, but without the extra time and costs. Win-win!

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