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“Brewer has become our trusted advisor…”

Our clients on “Why Brewer Direct?”

“Brewer has become our trusted advisor…”


This month: Holland Rescue Mission (Holland, MI)

Rachael Neal, Director of Development, writes:

When we decided to use Brewer Direct for our marketing program, we thought we were getting an agency to help us raise funds through direct mail and digital appeals.

We had no idea how much more there would be!

Beyond their stellar direct mail and digital fundraising appeals, Brewer has become our trusted advisor, consulting on a number of crucial areas we were looking to strengthen.

The old saying, “A rising tide lifts all boats” certainly applies here. We are receiving steady income from our mailings and even more of our West Michigan community recognizes our Mission’s ministry as a result of our increased exposure. Our consultation sessions with Brewer are helping us improve strategic pieces of that ministry like volunteer and church relationships, and our key messaging.

Besides being a friendly and hard-working daily partner, the team at Brewer has been onsite several times specifically for staff development and training. These sessions have been invaluable for our organization as a whole, as they ensure we’re moving in the same direction, united in vision and mission, and with the tools to use our passion effectively in our daily work.

We feel confident that we can come to Brewer for everything and anything that might be on our minds. Our relationship is essential to grow and move forward into a future of greater service to our community.

Rachael has been at Holland Rescue Mission for 13 years and Director of Development for 8 years. With an Urban Ministries degree from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, she’s passionate about her work at the Rescue Mission: “I love connecting people to the things they’re passionate about. In my role at Holland Rescue Mission, I get to lead people to invest their time, talents and treasures into the lives of others, which is extremely rewarding.”







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