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Hard Work

Hard Work


There’s an old adage that says, “Good things come to those who wait.” To that I would add, “But better things come to those who work hard!”

Our fundraising partners work hard each and every day, caring for people in dire need.

We work hard to make sure they have the financial and marketing support they need to do their job: new programs, tested fundraising appeals, all-media digital support, and experienced staff here at BDI to handle the details.

All that hard work has paid off, with $25 MILLION raised in 2015 alone.

There is even more to come for new clients like Atlantic City Rescue Mission, and through innovative programs like Momentum Philanthropy (our friends in Houston share their early results in this issue of Direct Edge).

Don’t wait another minute for good things to come your way.



Releasing generosity: maximized.


Releasing generosity: with your team.


Releasing generosity: our core belief.

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