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In Growth Mode: Our Team

In Growth Mode: Our Team


Green thumbs unite! Two of our Production Team members aren’t just taking care of production details for our clients’ direct mail programs…even at home, they can’t slow down their productive lifestyles.

Rosemary, how does your garden grow?

The most challenging part is learning to go with the flow...learning not to get frustrated and keep a smile on your face. - Rosemary

As ENEX GROUP’s production specialist for nearly 10 years, Rosemary has produced a lot of mail: from simple postcards to complex, 3-way match direct mail packages. Now as our newest Production Team member, her work is only growing!

“I really enjoy watching everything come together from the design stages until it goes into the mail,” she says. And when she’s not busy watching over the mailings for clients, she loves watching over her garden at home.

“I started gardening about 3 years ago, just to see if I could do it,” Rosemary says. She has! Each summer at her home in Kansas City, her garden is bursting with veggies.

“My favorite things to grow are cucumbers,” she says. “They’re super easy and I love making pickles. I’d love to start apple trees in the next year – and possibly blueberries and strawberries too, since we eat a lot of them around my house.”

Whether it’s keeping her garden productive or keeping mailings on track, Rosemary sees lots of parallels: “Paying attention to detail, taking time, learning how to go with the flow.” And her challenge is “learning not get frustrated…things can change a lot, so you have to keep a smile on your face when they do!”

Dora & her beautiful flora

Even though I have a small garden now, I hope one day to yield enough extra crops to donate to a group that will pick up my extra garden veggies and give them to needy groups. - Dora

Like Rosemary, Dora also joined our Production Team this year. And like Rosemary, she loves growing things.

As a kid, she was fascinated by growing veggies. “I grew carrots from old carrot tops, started potatoes from potato eyes and grew black eyed peas from the bean.”

Now, whether it’s cultivating bell peppers in every color (her favorite to grow from seed and cook!), flowers or even drought-tolerant succulents, her garden is always producing.

Dora’s job on our Production Team means she’s in charge of producing here, too. She follows multiple campaigns from concept to completion – taking care of all the details in between.

“I’m involved in direct mail projects from beginning to end,” she says. “Lots of moving parts to juggle and issues to solve. In Production, moving a project along and getting it ready to mail is a lot like tending a garden…you’re making sure it’s ripe and ready to pick.”

Just like with her garden, Dora’s inspiration is enjoying the harvest at the end. “There’s such satisfaction in nurturing and using veggies…and there’s a satisfaction in mailing campaigns that ultimately help others in need.”

Tell Rosemary + Dora what YOU’RE growing @brewerdirect!


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