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In Growth Mode: Our Clients

In Growth Mode: Our Clients


Our Brewer family just keeps growing! We’re welcoming our newest client who comes from a town that’s had nicknames like “Sin City,” “The City that God Forgot” – and now, we’re joining together to keep changing that!

Welcome to Rescue Mission of Utica in New York!

logoUtica’s nicknames may have come from political corruption and the unemployment due to local industries collapsing, but today, Utica has a new nickname (coined by Reader’s Digest) – one the Rescue Mission lives out on a daily basis.

“The Second Chance City”

Second chances … rebirth … and growing up strong with solid roots. This is exactly what Rescue Mission of Utica is helping its community do every day.

The Rescue Mission’s choice to give Brewer the green light went beyond just an expertise in multi-platform, integrated direct mail and digital marketing: “What touched us most was their heart for ministry. We saw it in their work…as well as Randy himself.”

Our fearless President & CEO Randy Brewer puts it this way: “I’ve long admired the work that Rescue Mission of Utica does in the community…they share our unwavering focus and passion for what matters most – changing lives.”

With such passion to help others, we’re excited to dig in and get started!



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