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God Bless Randy W. Brewer


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It’s my solemn honor to share news today that our friend, colleague, and collaborator in Kingdom work, Randy W. Brewer is with Jesus. After a heroic and extended battle with a disease that threatened to take his voice, but in fact helped him to amplify it, Randy is at this moment restored and at peace.

While we naturally grieve together for our loss, Randy pressed for me in this moment to emphasize his gain – the achievement of his faith, the conclusion of his service, and the final chapter of his story – one that he shared so freely with us all.

We’ll forever honor his friendship, forever respect his influence, and forever be the beneficiaries of his generosity. Randy Brewer

Please join me in lifting a prayer of gratitude on high. We wish the Lord’s hand of grace and peace beyond understanding for Randy’s extended family that reaches to the very corners of the globe and for all who are hurting and missing him already.

With my own tears, I smile and vow to be continually inspired by Randy Brewer’s commitment to be of service. May we all be as bold in laying our skills, time, and gifts at the feet of the Heavenly Father and daring to know and be known, to love and be loved by others.

We’ll forever honor his friendship, forever respect his influence, and forever be the beneficiaries of his generosity. Randy Brewer

image of randy in kenya

Randy was wildly photogenic and we’ll share many wonderful photos of him on his adventures as we honor him in the weeks to come. I include just a couple here because they speak volumes. Randy was transparent, authentic, and incredible at getting level with you, eye-to-eye. He was quick to light up with a smile as warm as the African sun.

And he risked getting close up. Our joy and our sorrow today are a testament to being up close with him. We should all have the courage to do the same with one another.

“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.”
Acts 20:24

Well done, good and faithful servant. Thank you, Brother.

Finally, for you – our extended family and partners – Randy provided the message that follows, straight from his heart:


“It’s been my greatest pleasure to serve you through Brewer Direct. Thank you for your trust, business and even more for your friendship.

The future of the agency is strong and getting stronger. And your faith-first cause is vital in the lives of needy individuals. It is Kingdom work and makes a difference.

At the helm is Michael “MT” Tomlinson. He came on board in 2019 after years of planning, months of recruiting and tireless prayer. He shares my heart for what BDI does, who we do it for, and how it gets done. He leads with my enthusiasm and the Board’s full blessing.

Speaking of the Board of Directors, we have a great group of professional Christian leaders serving as the BDI Board of Directors. These wise counselors, along with MT and the leadership team will guide the company forward in great fashion.

Lastly, as an employee-owned company (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) there is no concern of any hostile acquisitions that would put our core values or business principles at risk. BDI is financially sound, has strong leadership and a wonderful, passionate team.

My heart has been so full. The partnerships and true friendships I have enjoyed through Brewer Direct gave me more than I ever anticipated. Leading a growing agency had its challenges and I was stretched and grew. This too was fulfilling. And as my medical condition worsened, I was surrounded with love and support from my clients, partners and team.

Now as I fellowship with Jesus and the other saints before the throne of our Father, I rest easy. I look forward to meeting you again with God.

All the best,

Randy Brewer”


In the days and weeks to come we will surely be reflecting on Randy’s impact and sharing praise for his dedication and sacrifice with those in our network of friends and colleagues.

I encourage you to be in fellowship and walk together through this experience.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, etc., to Randy’s family, they’ve simply requested that folks who may wish to reach out do so by visiting Randy’s Foundation’s website at and use the Contact Us functionality there.

Thank you for being an important part of this growing BDI family – a thriving organization founded by a righteous Kingdom Warrior, Randy Brewer, and shaped by your contribution and partnership each day.

In Him,


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