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Get Social with Summit

Get Social with Summit


You may have heard our team talk about our new BrewerSummit digital program.


Or even read about it in our October issue of Direct Edge !

BUT… what you may not have realized is how our BrewerSummit program has actually increased the amount of social media we’re offering our clients too.

“We know how important the integration of social media is in any multi-channel fundraising campaign,” says Digital Strategist Stephanie Tippitt. “We designed our Summit program to include increased social media offerings for our clients, whether they already have a large social media presence or are just starting to build it.”

For nonprofits with limited budgets, social media outreach has become an inexpensive and effective tool. “We’re not seeing a lot of dollars being raised from social media,” says Stephanie. “But what social media does offer is more chances to show outcomes and share success stories… more chances to give shout-outs to volunteers… and more chances to say thank you.” 

BrewerSummit was designed with social media needs in mind and includes: 

  • Suggested posts
  • Photos
  • Memes
  • Occasional videos


What’s more, our social media program is flexible and can easily add social content for new channels – an important attribute with the ever-expanding number of channels in the nonprofit world. Check out our BrewerSummit program for more info on how we make it even easier for our clients to get social on social.  




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