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Feels like the first time

Feels like the first time

Brewer Direct Institute: What is it like to attend for the first time? We asked a few of our newest clients what they were expecting before they came to our annual Institute – and what they found when they got here.


Steve-Sparks200Steve Sparks, Faith Mission Wichita Falls (Texas)
Executive Director

“I kind of expected the Institute to be more of an advertisement for Brewer Direct – what you guys can do for us. It hasn’t been that at all! I’m thankful that what’s been covered has been the general, broader areas where our Mission really needs to improve – and that’s been very helpful for me.”

“I’ve met so many new friends here. I’ve also learned more about Randy and his heart through hearing him speak at the newcomer’s breakfast. He’s so transparent, I thought I already knew him! Now I know even more about Randy and why he does what he does.”

Lori-Christian150Lori Christian, St. Vincent de Paul (Los Angeles)
Development Administrator

“What I didn’t expect was people to be as welcoming and friendly and open as they’ve been! The Institute just feels very tailored to what is important to St. Vincent right now.”

“This is the best conference I’ve ever been to of this kind! I like the genuine mix of inspiration and pragmatic ideas that I can take back to my office. There’s also a sense of community here that I don’t always get from other events. This feels like a family. Thank you to Brewer for the inspiration, through personal stories like Lolly’s and Matt’s, through solutions, and through statistics – it’s all been inspiring to me.”

Dan-Brown150Dan Brown, Atlantic City Rescue Mission (New Jersey)

“I know it’s a good conference if within the first 15 minutes, I learn something that I didn’t know. That’s how this has been here at the Institute. I’ve been taking notes like there’s no tomorrow!”

“For me, the highlight of the conference has been seeing how Jesus and our gospel message are lifted to the forefront – even in fundraising. Thank you to Randy for his honesty about his life. The gospel model is that we are frail, servant leaders, trying to lift up those around us to a better place. That’s the hope that I see in Randy.”

Chanya-Blumenkranz150Chanya Blumenkrantz, Goodwill Southern California (Los Angeles)
VP of Development

“I’m usually one of those people who’s allergic to conferences, so I don’t usually say yes. I looked at the subjects that were going to be discussed and I thought, ‘Wow, this is something I actually want to attend.’ I brought four people from my staff – and we haven’t been disappointed! The Institute has been very valuable.”

“It’s been wonderful to meet other fundraisers, talk to them about their experiences and challenges, ask how they’re overcoming their challenges, and share information. You meet peers who really know their subject, who are really dedicated and committed to what they are doing. And Brewer treats us like family – you feel that when you’re in the room.”

Scott-Wolf150Scott Wolf, Coachella Valley Rescue Mission (California)
Development Manager

“When I first heard about the Brewer Institute, I have to be honest, I thought it would be more self-serving, if you will; just like any other company out there. So I’m just amazed at how well Brewer put a proposal and marketing plan together to benefit us; helping us help ourselves, so we can do what we do even better. I think it’s really wonderful.”

“I was sitting across the dinner table with a nice young lady and her father, talking about development…and the next thing you know, we’re talking about e-mailing each other to continue the conversation. That free exchange of ideas was facilitated specifically by Brewer Direct, and the Brewer Institute, which is a wonderful concept. These are like-minded people that I can already see becoming lasting relationships. It’s beyond words how terrific Brewer treats their clients. You won’t see that anywhere else in the business world.”



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