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Direct Edge May 2019

This month: GEOFENCING [blockquote text="Experts predict that geofencing will be creating $1.8 billion in revenue by 2022." text_color="#ffffff" width="" line_height="undefined" background_color="#ff0000" border_color="" show_quote_icon="no" quote_icon_color=""]   Sure, you’ve heard about Geofencing. But if you don’t quite understand it, you’re not alone. (So don’t worry!) The name offers a pretty good hint – a fence around...

From Randy Brewer, President/CEO/Chairman of the Board, Brewer Direct   [message type='Normal' icon='' icon_color='' icon_size='' icon_background_color='' custom_icon='' background_color='' border_color='' close_button_color=''] CITYGATE SESSION! VP/Client Service Lolly Colombo and Wheeler Mission’s Chief Development Officer Steve Kerr will be leading a Citygate session at Exodus Exhortations on Wheeler’s “Building for Change” campaign that transformed a city: Monday,...


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Releasing generosity: our core belief.

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