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Direct Edge February 2017

Maybe you’ve heard someone at Brewer talk about “Win Keep Lift” before.   But maybe you’re still wondering what these 3 words have to do with nonprofit fundraising? “These are the 3 key strategies to grow revenue for nonprofits,” says Lolly Colombo, VP/Client Service. Our newest White Paper, “Win Keep Lift,” is an in-depth...

Sometimes, new is a challenge… and sometimes, it’s just fun.  For our 3 newest employees at Brewer, being new has been challenging… fun… and given them plenty about Brewer to love. “New can be exciting, but also overwhelming. It’s a test of my ability to digest copious amounts of information and organize...


Releasing generosity: maximized.


Releasing generosity: with your team.


Releasing generosity: our core belief.

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