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  • Turkey. Dressing. Pumpkin Pie… in July?!   That’s right! It’s not too early to start thinking about how to make the most of your Thanksgiving fundraising season. In fact, now is the perfect time to start planning all your strategies leading up to Thanksgiving Day. While 40% of charitable giving......

  • They travel across the country gathering stories, photos and videos. But not just any stories, photos and videos. Their aim: to collect our clients’ real stories, photos and videos – and help bring them to life for donors. When Brewer Direct started, one of the founding principles was a promise......

  • Which BDI staff favorite is speaking at this year’s Bridge Conference?  VP/Creative Director, Matt Sommer! His presentation, “Lights, Camera, Transaction: What Fundraising Can Learn from Hollywood,”  is a deep dive into winning Hollywood strategies using examples from famous films. Matt, a veteran of both writing and producing in Hollywood and......

  •   Watch our new Storytellers video and hear what’s behind Storytellers. Real people. Real stories. Real results.   What’s the best story that needs telling from YOUR organization? Tell us more @brewerdirect!...

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  • From CHAPTER 4 “MASKS”   Check out this excerpt of Randy’s new book, Finding My Voice: A Story of Grace, Hope and Healing – available now on Amazon. Read along as Randy is moved by grace, restored by healing and transformed by hope.   It’s the polar opposite of how God......

  • Have you read “More than Meals on Appeals?” – the newest Brewer Direct White Paper?   If not, here’s your chance to download it in its entirety!  In brief: This White Paper reveals the results of Brewer Direct’s independent national study on what motivates nonprofit Rescue Mission donors most –......

  • A few weeks ago, members of our Account Services Team headed to Dallas for the annual AGRM Conference.   Not only did President/CEO Randy Brewer, Executive VP/Client Strategic Development Shellie Speer and VP/Client Services Lead Lolly Colombo lead a workshop on the results of our national study, “More than Meals......

  •   Just PUSH PLAY above to hear the story behind Randy’s new book, Finding My Voice: A Story of Grace, Hope and Healing – in his own words.   Eager to read Randy’s book? (Of course you are!)   Make your voice heard! Tell us what you think of our......

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  • You may have heard our team talk about our new BrewerSummit digital program.   Or even read about it in our October issue of Direct Edge ! BUT… what you may not have realized is how our BrewerSummit program has actually increased the amount of social media we’re offering our clients......

  • We wanted to see just how social our attendees could get. And boy, did they!   We held our first ever social media photo contest during our recent Brewer Direct Insitute. With the theme “Me in California,” this contest wasn’t JUST about posting good selfies. We also wanted to make......

  • At our recent Brewer Direct Institute, we pulled a few people aside for a quick chat about what they were enjoying and learning this year.   Guess what? Each of them had something to say about big-picture, forward-thinking digital… and social media!      Are you social? Then make sure......

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  • Maybe you’ve heard someone at Brewer talk about “Win Keep Lift” before.   But maybe you’re still wondering what these 3 words have to do with nonprofit fundraising? “These are the 3 key strategies to grow revenue for nonprofits,” says Lolly Colombo, VP/Client Service. Our newest White Paper, “Win Keep......

  • Sometimes, new is a challenge… and sometimes, it’s just fun.  For our 3 newest employees at Brewer, being new has been challenging… fun… and given them plenty about Brewer to love. “New can be exciting, but also overwhelming. It’s a test of my ability to digest copious amounts of information......

  • If you want to travel with Randy Brewer (President/CEO of Brewer Direct), then you better have a lot of energy!   From the moment he landed in Entebbe, Uganda, he set off on a whirlwind two weeks in Africa – a week visiting Uganda and then, a week in Kenya.......

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  • No doubt about it… 2016 took online video from “up and coming” to “major player” in marketing and fundraising.     Stephanie Tippitt, Brewer’s Digital Marketing Strategist, points out that at BDI, the average click rates on digital campaigns is at .46% while a January 2016 video appeal received a......

  • BrewerToolbox is a brand new way we’re providing clients access to the 360° fundraising resources they need… 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.    Here’s some background: We know what a challenge it can be for Development, Marketing, and Communications Teams to create or......


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