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Digital ruled at our recent Brewer Direct Institute

Digital ruled at our recent Brewer Direct Institute


There were workshops, plenary sessions and lots of around-the-table conversation about just how important digital is in fundraising.

Scott Wolf, Development Manager at Coachella Valley Rescue Mission in California, says: “I was a little skeptical about how powerful digital might be when we joined with Brewer. But we’re just amazed at the success our digital has had with Brewer – the e-blasts, the ever-changing donation pages, and most importantly, the integration with direct mail.”

Executive Director Steve Sparks from Faith Mission Wichita Falls in Texas put it this way: “The big eye-opener for me at the Brewer Direct Institute has been digital…It’s become apparent to me that we’re going to have to invest more money in that area. Randy’s session on integrating digital into the rest of our strategy was great – I can’t wait to take that back to my staff.”


I hope you’ve read Stephanie’s thoughts on the ways the Ride for Water team is using their social media to keep their followers engaged and updated throughout their 50-day ride.

This is the kind of digital integration we keep talking about. Being able to use multiple channels to engage your followers (including your donors)…this is the future of philanthropy.

People are more and more often finding the causes they want to join and support online – and when they join these causes, they’re engaging with others about them online, too.

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