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Giving thanks… for you.

“We give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you…” Colossians 1:3


For all the ways you give to serve your community’s hurting, we give thanks for you!


    • You give your time. Late nights and early mornings… hours spent crunching numbers… days dedicated to making sure every life your organization touches receives the very best care.


    • You give your expertise. You juggle many plates and you wear many hats. You step up to serve in any area you find a need.


    • You give your heart. Embracing donors. Encouraging your staff. Praying for those in your care. Showing them God’s love. Your compassion knows no end.

You are a gift! Especially this holiday season, we thank you for being a hero to so many, and an inspiration to us all.


And it’s our joy and privilege to give alongside you, supporting you as a partner in ministry. To learn more, contact Michael J. Tomlinson, CEO and President at BDI, today at (626) 359-1015 or


Let us share your load so you can give – and inspire your donors to give – even more.

BDI President & CEO Michael Tomlinson

Michael J. Tomlinson
CEO and President


Releasing generosity: maximized.


Releasing generosity: with your team.


Releasing generosity: our core belief.

Contact us to see how we can help you release generosity.
(626) 359-1015

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