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Best Ways to Power Up Your Email Results


Is fundraising an art or a science? At Brewer Direct, it’s both.


After years of design and data analysis on emails for nonprofits, we’ve discovered the Best Ways to Power Up Your Email Results – and we’re sharing them with you. These strategies are statistically proven to deliver more authentic connections with your donors… and more gifts. Download our free PDF guide now and power up your email results today!


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Create emails to capture your donors’ attention – and lead to clickthrough rates that convert. Click the button below to get your free PDF guide now: “Best Ways to Power Up Your Email Results.”  You won’t want to build another email without it!



Discover how Brewer Direct can help you create integrated digital marketing campaigns to power up your fundraising results! Contact Stephanie Tippitt, VP Digital Strategy & Optimization, at (626) 359-1015 or


Stephanie Tippitt
VP Digital Strategy & Optimization


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