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When it comes to helping the hurting, there’s not a second to lose. Thank God, you’re there for them… and we’re here for you.


The philanthropic landscape can be volatile and requires strategic agility to connect with donors today. With so many changes coming all at once, how can you keep up? Your Rapid-Response Fundraising Team at BDI is ready to jump into action. We see change as opportunity – and we’ll help you raise more support when you need it most through…

  • Innovative & proven donation appeal strategies
  • Cutting-edge creative messaging
  • Dynamic media tools
  • Market-sensitive research
  • Integrated campaigns & the power of a multi-channel approach


Discover how your Mission can leverage change and lead whatever comes next. Contact Michael J. Tomlinson, CEO and President at BDI, today at (626) 359-1015 or


Together, we can release more generosity to help the hurting in your community.

BDI President & CEO Michael Tomlinson

Michael J. Tomlinson
CEO and President


Releasing generosity: maximized.


Releasing generosity: with your team.


Releasing generosity: our core belief.

Contact us to see how we can help you release generosity.
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