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BrewerMomentum: How to Move Your Existing Donors from Mid-Level to Major


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What do you know about your mid-level donors?

You know they exist in your data files, sure. But who are they? What are they most passionate about? Why do they specifically support your organization?

In other words, do you know them at all?

If the answer is “no” or “not sure,” don’t worry. Most nonprofits spend a lot of time acquisitioning for new donors and cultivating major gift prospects. Of course this makes perfect sense… bring in new donors while actively seeking individuals who have larger amounts of money to give.

But many nonprofits pay very little attention to their mid-level donors. Because of this, they miss out on BIG opportunities for increased income, long-term giving and to build lasting relationships with donors who care about their organization.

Brewer Direct VP/Client Services Lead Lolly Colombo says, “Mid-level donors mean different things to different organizations; but in their own hearts and minds, mid-level donors want to make a real difference with their giving. In fundraising-speak, they exhibit higher gift frequency, higher gift values and a proclivity toward greater longevity than your rank and file donors.”

Studies from Network for Good have shown that middle donors tend to give a higher percentage of their income to charity and generally have a higher retention rate than lower-level donors. Their commitment and support make them a fundamental building block for the future of your nonprofit.

At Brewer Direct, we designed our BrewerMomentum program to provide a way for organizations to consistently and thoughtfully cultivate mid-level donors – while organically moving them toward increased levels of giving faster.

“All donors are a treasure, but mid-level donors are most likely to reveal hidden treasure when cultivated with great attention – that is, many are able to make much more sizable gifts,” Lolly says. “This is precisely what BrewerMomentum is engineered to uncover.”

By utilizing Momentum, most Brewer Direct clients have seen the benefits of increased attention to their mid-level donors. That’s because Momentum was designed to cultivate deeper intimacy with mid-level donors and get them more engaged and active with your organization.

“For the most part, your middle donors are stuck somewhere between direct marketing and major gifts,” Lolly says. “So the strategy here is moves management. More than a revenue-producing program, BrewerMomentum identifies a pipeline to major giving by cultivating those hand-selected mid-level donors and watching for nuggets to rise to the top. Once we begin to see major-level giving, those donors move on to a major gift officer for care and stewardship.”

Get to know your mid-level donors! Build or expand your outreach to them now by utilizing programs like BrewerMomentum to give them the special attention that provides a foundation for their future growth as a major contributor to your organization.

Feel the momentum! To watch our BrewerMomentum video, click here.

How are you reaching out to your mid-level donors? Tell us @brewerdirect!

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