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Nationally in 2018, online giving grew 1.2%, but Brewer Digital Clients achieved a 10% increase in online giving.

But how do you leverage this kind of growth for your own digital program?

Brewer Direct offers three dynamic plans that can help you reach the digital donor mountaintop…

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Integrate and motivate

Begin integrating effective digital marketing into your traditional fundraising program. Lift achieves this by highlighting monthly campaign themes and key messaging through your website, e-mail marketing, campaign-branded donation pages and social media.

Branded means expanded

Branded donation pages receive 38% larger average gifts and a 66% higher likelihood of repeat gifts than generic donation pages.

Key Outcomes
  1. Donor Retention

    Focuses donors and encourages quicker gift conversions

  2. Donor Loyalty

    Multi-channel engagement reinforces Mission credibility and increases gift frequency

  3. Donor Value

    Gift levels rise

  4. Donor Acquisition

    Initiates new donor exposure via social channels

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Reach higher by going deeper

In Climb, you’ll go to a more in-depth level of website optimization and strategic content delivery. By design, we scale up the number of monthly e-communications to engage more donors and increase giving. Our custom digital Welcome series escalates donor loyalty.

Mobile-ized means maximized

66% of e-mails are now being read on mobile devices.
Donors on the go stop and take notice of mobile-responsive, engaging, easy-to-read e-mail designs.

Key Outcomes
  1. Donor Retention

    Adds additional digital points of sale to intrigue, motivate giving, and keep donors active

  2. Donor Loyalty

    Optimizes “multi-channel” giving, increases gift frequency and adds breadth to donor relationships

  3. Donor Value

    Increased retention and loyalty leveraged against higher online average gifts yields increased donor value

  4. Donor Acquisition

    Increased opportunities for new donors to connect

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From this high position… greater acquisition

Peak performance: Soar builds strength upon strength. Through high-impact, multi-media website optimization, a robust e-mail marketing program – leveraging segmentation to engage more existing donors and recruit new donors – and an active social media strategy, nothing will elevate your program like Soar.

Ain’t no mountain high enough

The peaks BrewerSummit achieves are higher than high. Nationally in 2018, the percentage of total online giving was 8.5%.

For Brewer clients on average 9.4% of their revenue came from online giving!

Key Outcomes
  1. Donor Retention

    Engage, retain and sustain donors at the highest altitudes

  2. Donor Loyalty

    Refined segmenting escalates donor bonding

  3. Donor Value

    Net revenue and LTV reach their zenith

  4. Donor Acquisition

    This vantage point maximizes digital media acquisition strategies

Start your ascent to the top!

To receive a free analysis of your present online giving program and to learn more about our case studies, pricing and ROI, please connect. Together, let’s climb this mountain and achieve peak performance through BrewerSummit.

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