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Brewer Summit: Digital Strategies that Take Your Fundraising to the Next Level

Brewer Summit: Digital Strategies that Take Your Fundraising to the Next Level


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How do you get to the top of the digital fundraising mountain?

According to Blackbaud’s 2015 Charitable Giving Report, just 7.1% of nonprofits’ individual giving came through digital channels. So digital is still a small percentage of total income for many nonprofits.

But! Online giving grew 9.2% in 2015 compared to 2014.

For the last few years now, there has been continual increases in overall giving. According to Blackbaud’s report, “Overall giving in 2015 grew 1.6%… this is the fourth consecutive year where the Charitable Giving Report has found an increase in giving.”

So it’s reasonable to expect that as people get more comfortable using the Internet to do business – say, pay their bills or shop for goods – the number of people giving gifts to nonprofit organizations will continue to increase.

Many nonprofits face the same challenges in incorporating digital fundraising into their existing programs. Namely, they already have strong direct mail programs that bring in consistent revenue. So to spend money on digital fundraising may often seem like an unnecessary expenditure.

At Brewer Direct, we designed our Brewer Summit packages to provide a way for organizations to adopt a program of cost-effective digital fundraising that helps them establish, build or capitalize on their online fundraising.


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Maybe even more importantly, Summit was created to work in lockstep with your other fundraising channels, on and offline.

Remember that 7.1% of total giving happening online? The Blackbaud study doesn’t account for how many of those gifts were driven online by a strong direct mail program or other non-digital fundraising channels. That’s why our Summit program creates digital appeals that run across multiple channels.

“Consider ‘The Rule of Seven’ – that a prospect needs to see or hear your message seven times before responding,” says Stephanie. “The point of the rule is that marketing is a constant, ongoing process. The more times and ways you reach out, the better, especially as digital marketing technologies evolve and our demographic adopts them at a surprisingly fast pace.”   

When each channel supports the others, it often leads to donors who have a higher long-term value. These are donors who will stick with organizations and respond, even when the channels used to communicate with them expand.

“It’s critical for all direct mail pieces to encourage donors to give their gifts online,” says Stephanie. “Direct mail is also a great way to collect more email addresses to add to your digital mailing list each month.”

By utilizing Summit, most Brewer Direct clients have seen the benefits of increasing their digital presence… namely, increased gross revenue online year over year.

Don’t wait to build your digital fundraising program! Build or expand your online presence now by utilizing programs like Brewer Summit, which combines tried-and-true digital strategies and multi-channel integration to build sustainable fundraising that grows year after year.

Level up! To watch our Brewer Summit video, click here.

Is your digital fundraising an uphill battle or riding high? Tell us @brewerdirect!

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