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Brewer Storytellers Tell the Real Story

Brewer Storytellers Tell the Real Story


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They travel across the country gathering stories, photos and videos. But not just any stories, photos and videos. Their aim: to collect our clients’ real stories, photos and videos – and help bring them to life for donors.

When Brewer Direct started, one of the founding principles was a promise to clients to use their own stories and photos. A campaign with a winter photo for Great Falls, Montana, will look very different than a campaign with a winter photo for Oahu, Hawaii.

Celebrating our clients’ unique perspectives is how Brewer Storytellers was born.

Through the years, as the needs of our clients (and our number of clients!) has grown, two outstanding teams of Storytellers have been handling the bulk of the work…

  • Interviewing our clients’ guests and helping them feel comfortable sharing the unique details of their life stories
  • Taking photos that capture the unique personalities of our clients’ guests and their organizations
  • Shooting videos that weave together real stories from real people – from a unique and innovative perspective


We asked our Storytellers to tell THEIR stories… and why they find inspiration in telling stories. 


man with a camera - fundraising for nonprofitsIf you’ve been wowed by any of Brewer’s or our clients’ recent videos , it’s because Luke approaches photographs, video and editing with an artistic eye and a clear vision for the work he’s creating. “I want the videos and photos to help the donor be ‘right there’… to see these people as real people.”

“So much media in our world today is manufactured. So fake.  I’m all about truth-telling. I want the videos and photographs I shoot to find the true essence of who a person is. Whether it’s the way a mother smiles with her child, or a guy who has left a self-destructive life behind, or that wonderful moment when a hungry, homeless guy beams because he has a warm meal… I want those images to be lasting. I hope the images I create will help people feel what these wonderful human beings are feeling.

Our Storytellers capture who our clients and their guests are – portraying the unique vision and community of each client in a way that lets them shine and speak to the heart of their donors.”



When Marcy began interviewing and writing testimonies for Brewer Direct’s newsletters, she describes it as “coming home.” She spent 30 years writing for international and domestic Christian ministries and, along with her husband and children, many hours ministering to the poor, addicted and marginalized living in Skid Row, Los Angeles.

photograph of three individuals - fundraising for nonprofits“God broke my heart for ‘the least of these’ long ago,” she says. “So when Brewer asked me to start visiting Rescue Missions to interview clients, I knew it was for me.”

“When I do an interview, I pray to be fully present to God and the interviewee, and to allow the Holy Spirit to lead the interview as He will. Then I ask a few questions and listen as, inevitably, a story of God’s miraculous intervention unfolds.

I’ve been amazed to hear the surprising ways He breaks into people’s lives to draw them to Himself–in prison cells and crack houses and seemingly hopeless circumstances. And deeply moved to hear of lives transformed by His love expressed through Rescue Mission staff. From time to time, I even witness Him unearth some long-hidden wound and bring a measure of healing and peace, often expressed in tears of gratitude. And, each time, I make the journey from brokenness to healing, as well, enveloped in His unfailing love and grace and mercy. I am truly blessed.”


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For Jan, whose background includes writing for television and film production, drawing people out and telling their stories has been a natural extension of her life’s work.

“Brewer Storytellers is a chance to bring a Rescue Mission to life for the donors. I love hearing how people are being transformed. When you sit across from someone who has had a challenging life, and they start to share from their heart, it’s so inspiring.

They often have had terrible upbringings or have made a lot of bad choices. But you can see in their eyes and hear in their voice that a change has come. They have a newfound courage and a fresh way of thinking. When we can capture those real, honest moments, it is so meaningful.”



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Greg grew up in a Jewish family, but at 29, he had a life-changing encounter with Jesus. “I realized that Jesus was the Messiah and put my faith in Him.”

For years, he worked as a photographer for various newspapers and magazines. Then in 2004, Randy founded Brewer Direct and contacted Greg to see if he was available to take photos. “That first year he sent me to make photos at Rescue Missions in Long Beach, Kansas City and Indianapolis,” Greg says. “As Brewer Direct has grown, I’ve visited more Missions every year.”

“I love images, but images are not reality. We are called to be more passionate about people than pictures of people. Long before He saved me, God gave me the ability to see people in a unique way through my camera. When He captured my heart in 1978, He gave me a love for the lost and hurting.

Through Brewer Direct, I have the opportunity to connect with men and women whom God loves, and the satisfaction of knowing that my photos are helping to supply the resources that the Rescue Missions need.”

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