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“I’m overwhelmed and humbled.”

Michael “MT” Tomlinson reflects on his first 30 days of service as Brewer Direct’s President.

“I’m overwhelmed and humbled.”

In a recent visit with one of our Board of Directors in New York City, I was asked about my “first impressions,” having recently completed my first 30 days of service as President of Brewer Direct.

It’s a great question, but one not easily answered. 

In the last 30 days, I’ve traveled across the nation getting to know several of our Rescue Mission clients. I’ve attended Citygate, our industry’s annual conference. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting internally with the individuals and fine teams of professionals that lead our strategic communications, marketing and fundraising services for faith-first nonprofits. 

Upon reflection and put most simply, I’m overwhelmed and humbled.



Not overwhelmed by the business or complexity of BDI’s robust engine. The prospect of meeting and expanding the needs of the cause-driven organizations we serve is a thrill and what gets me up, excited to start each day.

But I am completely overwhelmed by the compassion, dedication and commitment I’ve witnessed in the offices, the fields and on the streets of the communities we serve.   

  • Compassion for the lost and hurting that truly reflects the grace and heart of our Savior. 
  • Dedication to serve that’s deeply personal and supersedes the organization’s operational mission. 
  • Commitment to expanding how we reach and connect with one another. 

I’m humbled. Not just because of the welcome from our BDI team. Not just because of the generosity of spirit from our family of clients. But also because of the courage I’ve observed and the encouragement I’ve received to join this fight for those who need physical, emotional and spiritual help.

Even as we each face the great challenge of navigating an unprecedented and rapidly changing environment, and being agile in our approach, of one thing I am certain – we are stronger together. Together, we will thrive.  

I believe in the unending generosity of our teams, and our partners, and the supporters of our Missions who give of their time, talent and treasure.

Our best days are ahead. Onward!



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